BB 11 - Weekend ka Vaar - Salman welcomed Katrina with Swag


This was one of the best weekend ka vaar episodes of the season, just hoping that someone from Romania did not watch it!!!

Jokes apart, and let's keep the house gossips for later and concentrate on Katrina Kaif on the show.

Yes! Salman's co-star (if I may say so), came to the show today to not just promote the song "Swag se Swagat" but also to launch the romantic track Dil Diyaan Gallan from their upcoming movie "Tiger Zinda Hai".

Katrina and Salman performed on "Swag se Swagat" and Salman thanked the audience for 50 million hits on the song.

He then played some fun games with Katrina and tried to put her in a tight spot. Katrina took the challenge head-on. Salman placed pictures of her co-stars in pairs and asked her to pick one. First up was Anil and Akshaye Khanna -Katrina voted for Anil, second was Anil Kapoor and Akshay Kumar. Salman sarcastically said that if she lets Akshay go then she might never get cast in his movies again. Hmmm did he just pick up on Mr. Kumar? Katrina still chooses Anil Kapoor. The third was pretty tough as she had to choose between King Khan and Khiladi Kumar, and with a heavy heart, she let King Khan go. The choices become tough as the next one was between Akshay and Aamir Khan and this time Katrina said bye to Akshay. The last choice was Aamir and Salman himself and Katrina choose Salman saying that Aamir would have also wanted Salman.

Salman then made Katrina sit on a lie detector machine when Salman asked questions to Katrina like her favourite co-star, her best friend in the industry and if she hated him when they met the first time.

Katrina then turned the table on him and made him sit on the machine and the first question she asked was will he ever get married? Salman said that he thinks that he has crossed the age and the machine is confused. Katrina suggested that Salman should get married.

Katrina revealed that Salman does not take bath before going to work to which Salman replied that he cycles to the place, works out and then has a bath before the shot.

Salman and Katrina then launched their romantic song Dil Diyaan Gallan from "Tiger Zinda Hai". Salman t bids adieu to the audience and revealed that Katrina will be entering the house tomorrow. In his signature style, Salman told the audience to not trouble Katrina. Uff!

After today one thing is sure that Salman and Katrina have an unsaid bond and each time they make a public appearance their sizzling chemistry keeps the hope "will they be back sometime" alive for many.

Now moving to what happened between Salman and the housemates. So Salman was down with cold it seems and hence requested the housemates to maintain peace while talking. Salman gave a sneak peek into what has been happening between Shilpa, Akash, and Arshi.

Hiten and Shilpa had fun discussing the stupidity that Arshi and Akash were up to. Akash made s a callous statement in the kitchen by saying that when Bandgi gets eliminated, Puneesh will hit on Shilpa and have an affair with her. Hina (for the camera, I feel) asked Akash to not make such derogatory statements. Hiten too rubbished what he said and Akash said that Puneesh once confided in him that he likes Shilpa. Puneesh, Bandgi and Shilpa discussed the same thing in the garden area. Bandgi made fun of the fact that Akash and Arshi have started working because of their fight with Shilpa. Puneesh said that Shilpa is like his elder sister and is disgusted with Akash to make such statements.

Salman entered the house and confronted Akash on his statement. He asked Hiten to change into shorts as now his legs were now waxed. Salman then asked the housemates to name the villain for the week. He said that he already knew who it is but he just wanted the housemates to name the person to see if the audience, housemates and him are on the same page.

Majority of the people voted for Puneesh, for using abusive language, throwing food and acting violently. Salman agreed and Puneesh was called in the witness box. Salman pulled up Puneesh for his behavior and Puneesh accepts that he was wrong but tried to justify his actions by saying that the housemates use him because of his short temper nature and always test it. Salman made it clear to him that, this might have been the case earlier but not this week. Salman said that no matter what happens, Puneesh should have never thrown food or broken the house property. He asked the housemates if they feel, what Puneesh is saying is right. All of them disagreed Bandgi said that the housemates do this on purpose as they think that he will hit someone in rage and exit the show. Hina said that Bandgi supports Puneesh and adds fuel to the fire. Salman once again says that this is exactly what happened this week. Puneesh felt apologetic about his behavior and apologised to Salman.

Salman then called Hina in the witness box and grilled her for her actions during the luxury budget task. Hina tried to justify by saying that it was for the task and that she could have rung the bell. Salman said it was stupid and Bandgi could have lost her eye. Vikas too criticised Hina for her actions and said that Priyank did not support his decision to not use chili powder. Priyank said that he had tasted the chili and it was not that harmful. Salman laughed and gives everyone a piece of his mind.

Housemates continued to argue and fight. Puneesh, Bandgi and Luv were nominated for the week and it will be interesting to see who gets evicted.