BB 11: Nov 16 - Three loser’s compete with each other for captaincy


Let me begin by apologizing to a few people first, as I know, me naming the three looser’s might not go down well with a lot of you. I mean, I know this crazy fan of Luv in office only because they share the same surname. Every time Luv is nominated he does some few hundred messages to save him. The day before yesterday he made two hundred tweets in support of Luv. Needless to mention the popularity of the show and the exposure the contestants get. Unfortunately, some do not understand the game and some just take it too lightly. Luv is one of them and unfortunately, also one of the looser’s that I was going to name.

So cutting the long story short, finally the “Dino Park” task is over and the three people who will be competing with each other for the next captaincy is, Puneesh, Luv and Bandgi. Seriously! and I know what you are thinking, I had the same thought in my mind, what the hell have they done in the house to deserve this.

The show began with a deep conversation between Luv and Vikas, wherein Vikas gives Luv a million dollar advise that he cannot keep everyone happy. Though he says that Luv is “Bail Buddhi”, he is one of the cutest contenders in the house. Akash who is been targeting Shilpa and Arshi since yesterday says that they are the most negative people in the house and he has nothing to do with them.

Vikas talk to Ben and Priyank and it leads to a minor argument between the three. Ben says that Vikas secretly excepts certain things. Vikas then explains Shilpa and Arshi that he is friends with Puneesh and Luv only for the task. Hina advises Luv to take a side and fight. She tells that Vikas’ karma will bite him in his back soon.

There are also some happy vibes around as Priyank, Benafsha and Puneesh make sound with the utensils. Akash seize’s the opportunity and raps a song. Luv tells Hiten about the song and Hiten says he is clueless about what is going on.

Finally, the Dino task begins and Luv discusses the game with Priyank as the others gear up for the task. Akash keeps passing comments on Arshi and Shilpa. As the task begins, Luv refuses to budge and exerts brutal force to open the door. Vikas says that Puneesh should go and look at the chaos, Puneesh says he will let Luv go. All three of them are at loggerheads about who will be going first. Hiten intervenes and says that since both Vikas and Luv are taking time to decide, Puneesh should be the one to be out. Finally, Luv comes out and eliminates Akash.

On that second roar, Puneesh comes out first and eliminates Ben and reasons it out by saying that she is not prepared to be captain. Ben obviously gets upset and goes inside the house. Shilpa and Arshi also feel that Ben should have gotten a chance. Puneesh then again comes out and he is confused between Hiten and Sapna. He finally says sorry to Sapna and eliminates her. The third time Puneesh comes out he breaks Priyank’s board and says that a lot of other housemates got evicted for saving him.

Sapna feels very bad and she breaks down. Vikas says that he is the best performer in the house.

The caretakers discuss Vikas’ plan. Vikas blocks the gate and sits there. Inside the house, the drama between Akash, Shilpa and Arshi continue and Bandgi too make fun of the girls with Akash. Luv tells Hina that he will have to break the gate and Hina tells him to not damage Bigg Boss property. Hina tells Hiten that they can not trust Vikas.

Vikas and Puneesh team up and make it difficult for Luv to go. Vikas says that he can not break Bandgi’s plank as he has promised Puneesh and breaking Hiten’s plank is out of the question. Hina, Akash, Sapna others make fun of Vikas. Finally, Vikas comes out and says he will not break anyone’s plank. Hiten insists he completes the task, Vikas says he will prefer to go in. Bigg Boss warns Vikas that if he did not complete the task, their luxury budget will be Zero. Hiten permits him to break his plank and Vikas says he can not do it. Bandgi gets mad and says that he can eliminate her. Caught between the devil and the blue sea, Vikas finally saves Bandgi.

The task is over and Vikas explains Hiten about what happened. Hiten says he understands. Puneesh and Akash discuss that Luv should not win the captaincy task. The show ends on a happy note with Puneesh and Akash make fun of Luv and Vikas as they pick up a skeleton and enact them.

So finally, tomorrow the three looser’s Luv, Puneesh and Bandgi will fight it out for captaincy.