BB11: Ep 13 - Lucinda gets evicted


Yesterday when Salman Khan warned the Bigg Boss 11 Padosis that their failure to keep their secret will land them in the nomination soup. Barley did anyone guess that one of them will be out of the house immediately.

The week in Bigg Boss house began with a surprise nomination. Each padosi was assigned a flask with different colour and the padosi has to convince the others to save them. The padosi were seen having a tough time asking people to save them.

Luv and Lucinda were pitted against each other. While on one hand Luv was seen in stress over the nomination, Lucinda was more hurt by some comments and was seen breaking into tears. Many people in the house cited her inability to communicate in Hindi as a primary reason to vote her out Shilpa, Akash and Puneesh were at their meanest best.

Puneesh made a statement “maze le rahi thi” over her an incident involving Akash and her, which did not go down well with a lot of people in the house. Akash asked Lucinda to kiss him if she did not want to nominate her and still chose Luv over her. He said that because of Lucinda he uses a lot of English which gets his point deducted. Huh!!! Bizzare!!!

Now came the mother of all reasons from Shilpa as she said that Lucinda is an outsider on the show (firang) and she would prefer voting and support her own people. Talk about racism!!! Sigh!

However, Lucinda was given a warm goodbye by many in the house.

Later nominations began for the rest of the housemates. Vikas was safe as he is the captain but he was given a special power to nominate seven people from the team.

Vikas nominated Sapna, Shilpa, Hina, Puneesh, Mehjabeen, Luv and Akash.

Now the housemates have to choose two names from the seven chosen by Vikas and nominate them. The housemates were called in the confession room one by one. While some played it professionally and nominated their competitor others were seen blinded with revenge. A lot of people voted on basis of their personal equations with the respective person. I loved the reason Jyoti gave for nominating Puneesh. She mentioned how disgusted she felt the way Puneesh commented on Lucinda. You go girl!!!

Finally, after all the drama Bigg Boss announced the names of the housemates who are evicted and they are:- Hina, Sapna, Puneesh, Akash and Luv.

As for fights and patch up. Luv and Arshi had a showdown over Arshi voting out Luv. Luv was heard giving some sort of warning to Arshi.

Hina and Vikas seem to be in a patch-up mode as the two discussed their past and set some rules for their friendship.

So this weekend it will be interesting to watch who will pack their bags to go out of the house.