ExtraordiNari Season 2: Uorfi Javed sheds light on horrors of childhood trauma and self-harm, refuses to be addressed as a victim

Closing the curtains on the Women's Day Special, sat down for a heartwrenching, inspiring and courageous conversation with social media influencer, the 'ExtraordiNari' - Uorfi. In a lengthy discussion with our Managing Editor Ankita Bhalla, Uorfi recalls the horror of trauma she and her sisters had to undergo in childhood due to abuse and its aftermath. Uorfi speaks in detail about girls' molestation, her suicidal tendencies, being labelled by society, religious bigots, trolls, threats, judged by the female actors/artists and the powerplay of the business. Uorfi refuses to be addressed as a victim, takes pride in her DIY Fashion Princess tag, her tryst with Diet Sabya and tells who the love of her life is.