Explain your kids 'the truth'; that's my truth and I stand by it: Arjun Rampal on his recent controversies


In an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, actor Arjun Rampal recalled his 20-year long journey in films, why he stopped modelling to act, what went wrong in his career, brush with recent controversies. how his family dealt with the blow and his much-talked-about '2020 social media post' going viral. 

On January 1, Arjun declared in a new social media post that he has never been on the wrong side of the law, without making any reference to the drugs probe currently being conducted on him. He started the new year with a lengthy post on what he learnt in 2020, a year that saw him being probed by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) as part of the agency's investigation into the alleged Bollywood drugs nexus.  Reflecting on 2020, his note was addressed to family, work, fans, friends, his industry, media, country and God.

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Clearing the air surrounding his post, Arjun told us, "Maybe I could have explained it better. It wasn’t just about 2020 as the year, it was also about completing 20 years in the industry. So, it was like a pun on 2020 as well. I like to write notes and I was writing to myself about 2020 because it gave us a lot of time to introspect. I was a huge learning experience. It was a cleansing year. That was a lot of nonsense, a lot of goodness, the pandemic and a lot of suffering. There was a lot of nobility where people came out and where helping by going out of their way. And we went into ugliness and hatred and I was trying to summarise my experience of completing 20 years. I have a crazy 2020 and if people see it like that maybe they will understand it better." 

When asked how his kids react to the negative news about him and if he ever has to explain his side of the story to them, he said his children were 'strong and smart'. "No, I think the most important thing is to explain to them is the truth. There’s nothing more solid or important than the truth and when all the dust settles, the only thing that remains is the truth. So, what I tell them and they’re strong and smart children. And we know each other, not like they’re living with strangers. There’s a lot of truth that is exposed and a lot of truth that comes out and I believe in my truth. I have no fear, whatsoever," he concluded.