I don’t have a shady bad story about the music industry but my heart goes out to the people who have had a different start: ‘Kamli’ singer Nikhita Gandhi on ‘music mafias’


Nikhita Gandhi recently released her single Kamli in collaboration with Bharat Goel. The singer, in an exclusive interview with PeepingMoon, talked about her single, encountering music mafias, struggles of an independent artist, and more! 

Talking about the on-going debate in the music industry about music mafias, Nikhita said that she has been very lucky and has never had a bad experience as she has always worked with good people. Having said that, she did mention that independent artists do have their own struggles as 90% of the Indian audience is more inclined towards Bollywood and film music. She also talked about being satisfied with her journey and said that she is looking forward to what is in store for her next.

About the song Kamli, the singer mentioned that she was very excited to be a part of it the moment Bharat discussed it with her. 

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Kamli released on several music apps on June 24 and has received a good response from listeners.