Watch: Ekta Kapoor breaks her silence on Triple X 2 controversy and rape threats, 'won't bow down to cyberbullying'


Ekta Kapoor has finally responded to the cyber threats and bullying that she has been receiving since the past few days over her web series Triple X-2. The show sparked controversy after some ex-army personnel lodged a complaint against Ekta in Gurugram’s PalamVihar Police station raising objections over its allegedly vulgar and inappropriate content. Now, Ekta spoke to Shobhaa De and addressed this issue.

When Shobha asked her on the current threat and wrath she has been facing on social media, Ekta said, "As an individual and as an organization we are deeply respectful towards the Indian army. Their contribution to our well being and security is immense. We have already deleted the scene that is being spoken about, so action has been taken from our side. We fully apologize for any sentiment that is hurt unintentionally. What we don’t appreciate is  the bullying and the rape threats by the trolls.”

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Triple X-2 was embroiled in controversy after popular YouTuber Vikas Pathak, known to all as Hindustani Bhau slammed the producer for inappropriate content on the show. He had also lodged a police complaint against the makers of the show at the Khar police station in Mumbai.

Raising strong objections to the web series, Martyrs Welfare Foundation (MWF) chairman Major TC Rao said that the producer and director have depicted that army men’s wives are intimate with other men at home when their husbands are away serving at the border which is highly objectionable. He said, “This content is highly objectionable and it could demoralize our armed forces. Triple X-2 also has scenes where uniforms of military men, having symbols of Ashoka statue and Taj are torn apart. This is an insult to our armed forces and military personnel.”

MWF member Major SN Rao said, "In a state like Haryana having representation of over 3.70 lakh army soldiers. This is an insult to them and ex-army men like us. If Ekta Kapoor will not remove the objectionable scenes from the web series, we will intensify our agitation."

However, there are reports that the objectionable and controversial scenes have been removed from the show.

(Source: Agencies)