Sacred Games 2: Did you know Pankaj Tripathi aka Guruji was approached for Ganesh Gaitonde's and Bunty's role first? Watch hilarious audition video


Pankaj Tripathi stole the show in Sacred Games 2 with his role of Guruji and no one can deny this. Today Netflix shared the actor's leaked audition video and his tape is all you need to watch today. We knew Pankaj was perfect for Guruji but we did not understand HOW perfect he was until we saw this ourselves.

Pankaj aka Guruji – who not only has the power to keep all his bhakts hooked but also the audience. With Guruji, it's the pace, words and the style that creates an aura of mystery. Watch his audition video here: 

Sacred Games 2 released on August 15, 2019, and streams on Netflix. 

(Source: YouTube)