Twitter slams Ekta Kapoor for showcasing a wrong rocket on her webseries M-O-M poster; the producer hits back citing a legal reason


Ekta Kapoor, on her birthday last Friday made an announcement about her most expensive web series M-O-M featuring Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh and Palomi Ghosh by sharing two posters on her Instagram account. One of the two posters featured a space shuttle with the lead actresses surrounding it. Soon, the very alert Twitter folks pointed out an error on the poster. The error was the wrong image of the space shuttle. Since the web series is based on the women behind the Mangalyaan mission held in 2013, Twitter slammed Ekta and the makers for showing the wrong shuttle.

After getting to know about the trolls, Ekta decided to break the silence and replied to the same on her Twitter account. Ekta said due to legal restrictions, the real image of Mangalyaan space shuttle cannot be used on the poster. ALT Balaji, the digital platform on which M-O-M will be released on also issued a statement where they made a disclaimer regarding the use of an imaginary space shuttle loud and clear.


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M-O-M that is Mission Over Mars is the story of three women scientists- Seetha Somasundaram, Nandini Harinath and Minal Rohit who played a major role in the Mangalyaan mission. The web series, soon to be aired is made on a budget of Rs. 35 crores and will be shot on 500 sets that are specially designed for the series. was the first to inform about Mona being finalised to play the role of one of the three scientists.

(Source: Twitter)