5 reasons that prove Karan Johar brews the best 'koffee' ever


Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Oprah Winfrey were running stronger than ever, dominating the celebrity chat show space with their innovative ways of getting a public figure to address the elephant in the room. India was still, perhaps, learning the ropes with veteran Simi Garewal shooting plain direct truth which only resulted in some sugar-coated sweet replies. Cut to 2004. Karan Johar had established himself as the pioneer of family drama in the Indian Cinema circuit, courtesy Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. But who had imagined that the maker of these celebrations of familial bonds could brew a memory over ‘koffee,’ right?

November 20, 2004. KJo pulled off the best coup on his couch for a cup of coffee with a ‘K,’ and we knew it was love. Love at first sip! Pushing the envelope in the talk show genre, Johar dived straight for some conversational chutzpah and candid chats on conjectures (welcome his favourite word) about all things clandestine. TBH, bonhomie celebrity banter wasn’t exactly news for us viewers. But admittedly, it was the way the director-producer fumed the flames of famous-infamous controversies, with gentle stokes, in every naughty question he whipped. Nope, the entertainment wasn’t in the saccharine speaks about the struggle to stardom nor did he sell us a rags-to-riches tear-jerker. Karan was evidently clear about the crisp, catty and out-of-the-closet revelations he targeted with his combos.

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As we speak, the LIT drama ventures into its sixth season today. Five seasons, 113 episodes and fourteen years later – Koffee With Karan is our best binge (goodbye original series) even today. Besides bringing out the burn-b*#*h-burn remarks and loudest LOLs, here are five reasons why we are convinced that the playfully competitive show should be your weekly indulgence

  1. For the love of G-O-S-S-I-P


Come effing on! If there is one thing Indians can never get enough of – Gossip. Plus, who doesn’t love a little peek-a-boo in the dreamy lives of the rich and the famous?

  1. Truth Bombs

Remember when KJo asked Ranbir Kapoor to choose between Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone? Or the time he made Salman Khan open up about his virginity. There’s only one man who can turn a couch into a confession box on national television and he is already doing the honours.

  1. Rapid FIRE

One can only imagine what it’d be like to ask a star questions like:

‘Rank the following actor/actresses on the basis of sex appeal’

 ‘Give the following actors an alternative career choice, if not acting!’

  1. Changing Room to Bedroom

Shah Rukh Khan’s revelation of Karan walking into the changing room with him to Mira Rajput showering some bedroom secrets against husband Shahid Kapoor’s wishes – we have seen it all.

  1. Kinda Hood Kinda Sweet

Dream Girl Hema Malini kinda hinted all her past linkups were true, Deepika wanted RK to endorse a condom brand, Akshay Kumar inched above the Khans with a witty comeback – tongue-in-cheek has quite been the flavour of every season.

Entertainment has been a constant fixture on Karan’s couch and season six won’t be any different. Tune into hot star and Star World to catch the very first episode of the brand new innings tonight!