First Day, First Show: Kapil Sharma really needs to 'Come Back' in a better way

The much-awaited comeback of actor-cum-comedian Kapil Sharma hit the screens last night and fans couldn’t contain their excitement. Expectations of fun-filled weekends ran high as fans got hooked onto their TV sets to be a part of Family Time with Kapil.

The show started on a light-hearted note with Kapil welcoming his audience and viewers and, despite his recent health issues, managing to keep the spark and his unique sense of humor intact. Probably why the good-looking star is loved by umpteen number of fans irrespective of his drastic ups and downs in life.

The show introduced Neha Pendse as the only actual female character of FTWK. The actress does manage to stay true to her character but somehow her first appearance on the show could have been chalked out better. We hope Neha's acting skills in terms of humor are tapped and she does not just remain eye candy.

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Kiku Sharda and Chandan Prabhakar's reunion on the show with Kapil gave good vibes and took viewers down memory lane. But the unwanted splurging of gifts and expensive goodies to various families in the audience was a big letdown. In the name of a game show, basic and irrational questions thrown to the audience to make them win expensive gifts from TVs to diamond set and washing machines makes the content look as if penned for a charity show.

We know that FTWK must have hotshot sponsors, but viewers are left wondering why Kapil is doing so much of charity. Kapil performed as expected, but involved the viewers so much, he made it look more like a game show and didn’t match the benchmark created through his previous work.

Ajay Devgn appearing as the first guest on the show, unfortunately, did not help. The actor took to the stage for the post promotion of his critically acclaimed movie Raid. Considering the testy past that Kapil and Ajay have had on The Kapil Sharma Show, it was good to see both living up to their images and letting bygones be bygones. But the love between the two was far too much. After a while, the bhaichara between Ajay and Kapil seemed forced.

We won't call this a good show as it turned out to be way different from what we expected. We wanted to see more of Kapil, Kiku, Chandan and possibly Sunil Grover (if ever), but it turned out to be a game show, that too mediocre. With a name like Family Time with Kapil, families would want to see their favorite comedians giving away several moments of laughter rather than gifts and goodies.

The first day, first show gets two stars.

Hopefully, better is to come...