Valentine's Day 2023: King-hearted, graceful and charismatic- Here's decoding what makes Shah Rukh Khan Bollywood's 'Mohabbat Man'

Dil to har kisi ke pass hota hai lekin sab dilwale nahi hote,” said Shah Rukh Khan in his film Dilwale (2015) and indeed, the superstar himself is a dilwala who believes in spreading nothing but love and positivity through his films and little gestures he does for his fans across the globe. Over the last 30 years, the King Of Bollywood made people believe in the power of love by simply spreading his arms open. His recently released film Pathaan proved that hate has no existence.

Like a true Dilliwala, Shah Rukh charmed his way into our hearts almost 3 decades ago and since then, the definition of romance is no longer the same. Over the last 30 years, he has remained relevant, even when the box office wasn't kind to him and his films in the pre-COVID-19 era. Creating a new image of a cool action-hero through Pathaan, he bounced back and said to haters, voh 'abhi bhi zinda hai'. 

Interestingly, one of his popular films Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge has been re-released in select theatres for Valentine's Day. It is a treat to fans who are delighted to see the romantic as well as action side of Shah Rukh. Though Pathaan has managed to establish him as an action hero and his upcoming film Jawan too is an action spectacle, there's a different magic in Shah Rukh-The Mohabbat Man. 

Today, as we celebrate Valentine's Day, there's no better day to allow fans across the globe to decode Shah Rukh's magic and phenomena in these 30 years. exclusively spoke to SRKians spread globally asking what makes him Bollywood's Mohabbat Man even when he is currently ruling as an action star. They further spoke about what makes their idol a phenomenon after 30 years. 

Rahil Mohammed, who is a representative of SRK FC Pune, said, "Shah Rukh Khan is always known for his wit, charm & his charisma. He is the last of the stars and is one of the most humble superstars. He is the one who unites people from different races, cultures and countries. He is undoubtedly the global ambassador and an influencer of love and positivity. Shah Rukh Khan is also a soft power in the country and so he is targeted again and again but the man stays calm, and silent and positively handles the situation every time. Even at this age, he knows very well how to respect and greet fans. He knows how to shower love on us and he dedicates his birthday every year to the fans and spends the day amongst us."

Rakshit Shah, a fan of the superstar, shared, "Shah Rukh Khan means eternal love. He will always remain a phenomenon for eternity. "Shah Rukh Khan can even romance a tree" - This has a very deep meaning. The person that is SHAH RUKH KHAN is what makes him the Mohabbat Man of Bollywood no matter what genre of film he does."

TR Rahul shared, "Shah Rukh Khan is one of a kind star & a human and that's what makes him a phenomenon even after 30 years. He is best described as LOVE. His action, humour dance & everything is full of love. The way he is off-screen, his respect for each & everyone, and his portrayal of whatever character onscreen with love are what make him the Mohabbat Man of Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan is made of LOVE."

Sudhir Kothari, the founder of SRK CFC, said, "Shah Rukh Khan is down to earth & king-hearted human that's what makes him a phenomenon even after 30 years. Shah Rukh Khan means LOVE, this is what first comes to all the generations of people and it has been a trademark for a lifetime now and no one can take that from him. His acting, kindness, respect towards women and fans, humour, and smile each and everything about him is love. Apart from his acting as any character with love from heart, The way he respects each & everyone with love is what makes him the Mohabbat Man of Bollywood. Simple, Shah Rukh Khan means LOVE."

Rishil Jogani shared, "I remember there was a time when there was a lot of negativity surrounding Shah Rukh Khan, who is ironically someone who's synonymous with love. Every action of his was scrutinised, as if a section of people were just waiting for an opportunity to pounce on him, to the extent that it becomes a national issue. The actor saw through this rough patch, fighting his silent rebellion, and what the release of Pathaan has essentially done is show the legend that he has one big family of admirers who will stand by him, whatever it takes. Three and a half decades of love and goodwill cannot be tarnished by the ones conveniently jumping onto the hate bandwagon. The legend has been responsible for many happy faces and this Valentine's day, we admirers only wish that he continued to be ushered with the love he so much deserves."

Trade Analyst Atul Mohan added, "Shah Rukh Khan, also known as the "King of Bollywood," remains a phenomenon for several reasons: Charismatic Personality, Versatile Acting Skills (from romantic comedies to action dramas), Filmography (established himself as one of the most bankable actors in the industry), Fan Following (He has a massive and dedicated fan following, both in India and internationally, which has only grown over the years), Larger-than-Life Image, Philanthropy (He is also known for his philanthropic work, including supporting causes related to children, healthcare, and disaster relief, which has further endeared him to the public), business acumen (VFX. KKR, Production company) Overall, Shah Rukh Khan's combination of talent, charisma, and popularity has helped establish him as a true phenomenon or ‘Badshah’ in the entertainment world."

Anuska Das, calling it a love letter to Shah Rukh Khan, went on to beautifully explain her feelings. She said, "My eternal love for Shah Rukh Khan shall never burn out. He is still a phenomenon even after 30 years because he gave us the ability to dream with open eyes. The age of the actor doesn't hold any importance, after all those who rule hearts never run out of time. They live rent-free in our hearts, minds and memories. Shah Rukh Khan is Bollywood's Mohabbat Man because he came, saw and conquered the hearts of people. He touched the deepest corner of our soul just by spreading his arms and manifested love right before us."

She further added, "For many SRKians, he is our first love. He is the meaning of love. Shah Rukh is the one who taught me-"Jab hum aapne aapko achhi tarah samajh lete hai, toh dusre kya samjhte hai it doesn't matter, Not at all." All I would like to say to him is "teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyaan, teri haasi ki beparwaah gustakhiyaan, teri zulfon ki lehraati angdaaiyaan, nahi bhoolungi main, Jab Tak Hai Jaan because "Hum Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke, Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte."

Soumyajit Ghosh, a representative of SRK BIRBHUM CFC, told us, "Be it Raj or Rahul, Gaurav or Pathaan, there's no doubt in why people call him the symbol or epitome of love. He isn't just the ambassador of love, he is love himself. He doesn't only show expectations but also proves how a simple man like Surinder can also make people fall in love without having superpowers. Speaking of Aman from Kal Ho Na Ho, he proved that one doesn't need to remember the things to say to express the feeling of love. Through My Name Is Khan, he explained that love is such a thing that makes specially-abled people lead normal lives. Love actually begins with friendship as shown in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and if it's true then Raj Dilwale Dulhaniya leke hi jayega. Love has no restrictions on behalf of nations too as shown by our Captain Veer in Veer Zara. Through his cinema and the messages, he will forever remain Bollywood's Mohabbat Man."

Dr. Shefali Shivasharan, who has been a fan of the superstar for the last 30 years, penned a note that read, "Shah Rukh Khan-the name itself invokes a million emotions at once. He has been my first crush, my first and forever love. After my parents, it's him that my world revolves around & is an inseparable part of me and my life. The love has just gone increasing over the years & surprisingly grows every day by million folds. I have had an amazing journey from talking with him as a kid on the poster on my wall, to talking to him on the Twitter timeline, to meeting him in person. It has been a dream ride. My heart goes into a celebration every time I hear his name or I see him. He is the heartthrob of women all over the world not only for his onscreen persona but also for the way he is around women in his real life. He is my inspiration his words guide me and comfort me in good and bad times. He gave me the strength to dream big, to believe in love, to fight like a girl & the list goes on. As Shah Rukh says “I AM LOVE” and I truly believe he is. All of us swooned with his charm and romantic characters onscreen but what has our hearts wrapped with love for him for three decades is his love and respect towards women in his real life. He is the reason I still believe true love exists, chivalry exists, and soulmates do exist. He has defined, walked and talked about what gentlemanship means. His love and respect for women aren’t of convenience he respects everyone around him and especially women. The way he looks at us women with those beautiful brown eyes we feel love and respect always like he is our own. I would like to mention that in 2016 I got lucky and got to meet him in Mannat and the way he treated me and my friend with so much love and respect & he very graciously came to drop us and as it was late in the night so he sent his car with driver to drop us safely. ( We said we would take a cab and he said “ Itni cars kis liye khareedi hai? And he came to drop us down”) I remember giggling like a kid. I was mindblown and I fell in love with him all over again if it's even possible to love a person you already do to infinity and beyond. He has this rare and unique quality in him that makes people feel special about them. Ask anybody who has met Shah Rukh they will have a sparkle in their eyes narrating about how special he made them feel. He gives the most magical hugs ever, they are the best in this whole wide world. I think he has a Midas touch. He understands women like nobody else has ever as he says he has grown up around women. Women of all ages love him because of his softheartedness and gentleness towards women. I feel more than trying to copy his style or reciting dialogues etc men should learn how to behave with women and how to love and respect them as Shah does. Many people talk but we see that he walks his talk as we see his respect for his team who is mostly women, the way he takes care of his sister, the way he treats his wife like a queen and is such a softie with his daughter, his co-actresses names come before him in the end credits, the work he is doing for Acid Attack Victims through Meer Foundation. He is the most soft-hearted, gentle and nicest human being with a beautiful soul and that’s what connects him to millions around the world beyond his movies. He has set high standards for love for a life partner and made us believe in soulmates. (we all secretly wish that it's him) So movies or no movies he holds that magical power on me that he comes like a breeze and I get swept like dried leaves along with him. It's Shah Rukh Khan’s world of love and we are just existing in it. He was, he is and he forever will be my Mohabbat Man( with a halo) making me believe in love and making me fall in love with him all over again every single day."

Maleika Esther Attawel, a fan representing UK SRK Universe, said, "He’s still as relevant today as he was 30 years ago because he does his work with honesty and oozes pure and unconditional love, a universal force everyone understands and that’s why he transcends age, ethnicity, caste, religion, and culture as these are all social constructs that create boundaries." Another member of the fan club named Ineko Nakagawa (from Japan) added, "Shah Rukh does not act or play 100% but manages to show his emotions. He has been working hard for 30 years. He shares his emotions with us and that's why people believe in the power of Shah Rukh Khan." 

Sozdar Jamal from Kurdistan Northern of Iraq shared, "No one can take his place or make other people feel love like the way he did or does! He was and is still the best description of the word love. When I was 9, I knew nothing about the opposite gender, but he taught me how to spread happiness, kindness and love all over. He is an emotion. He speaks through his eyes and one can see his pure and powerful heart full of energy. There wasn't, isn't and cannot be another Shah Rukh Khan who can spread love like him. Love is SRK."

A fan named Kartik from SRK Universe New Zealand Branch said, "Shah Rukh Khan is a phenomenon in Bollywood because of his magnetic personality, his larger-than-life screen presence and his versatility as an actor. He has transcended genres, playing roles that range from the romantic hero to the action star, and has endeared himself to audiences across generations. Shah Rukh Khan's portrayal of romantic characters in films like "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge," "Dil To Pagal Hai," and "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" has made him the epitome of romance in Bollywood. His charm and charisma have endeared him to audiences, making him the "King of Romance" in the industry. Even though he has not starred in many romantic films in recent years, his image as a romantic icon remains ingrained in the minds of fans, solidifying his status as the "Mohabbat Man of Bollywood."


Pilar Santa María from Perú stated, "Shah Rukh Khan is a very special and unique person in the world, he was born to stand out from everyone, he has a special magic and shine, which makes everyone who knows him feel great admiration and love for him, he is our greatest inspiration. And even if 30, 40, 50, or 100 years pass, he will continue to be the king! We love it."

All hail the King Of Romance!