The Ranbir Kapoor Love Trail: Did he really have less than 10 girlfriends?


At the recent Sanju trailer release, one perky journo stood up and pointed out that since Sanjay Dutt had revealed his girlfriend count to be 308, would Ranbir Kapoor be kind enough to share his personal count. Amidst chuckles galore, the Kapoor boy blushed and declared that he wasn’t as brave as Sanju sir to put his life’s details out there. And then he modestly added that his count wouldn’t cross 10.

Now that is a rather believable figure... not too few but not embarrassingly high either. However, we do feel the lady-killer wasn’t being entirely truthful here. While his high-profile liaisons would be difficult to hide, we know virtually nothing of the regular pretty young things that our dude had to have gone out with, as a youngster. Or then his more recent forbidden affairs with more famous women, who inconveniently happened to be married!

While the entire industry – including cousin Kareena Kapoor – makes good-natured jokes about his commitment phobia, 10 does seem rather too modest a count for our rolling stone!

Here’s revisiting his very happening love trail…

His childhood sweetheart

Of course, Ranbir had to have started young! He has spoken about his earliest love, saying, “She was my childhood sweetheart. We were in school together for eight years. I couldn’t think of life without her.” He shares that for him, she was the most beautiful girl in the world but a point came, when they had to go their separate ways. “She’s very happy today, well-settled and is married to a brilliant guy. I could never be as wonderful as him,” he feels.

Alia Bhatt

Together, they are B-town’s brightest sparks, professionally and personally. And now he has actually come out to reveal that they are in a relationship. “It’s really new right now, and I don’t want to over-speak. It needs time to breathe and it needs space…It’s new for us, so let it cook a bit.” Take all the time you need, we are just happy to stand and stare.

Katrina Kaif

A relationship that allegedly started when he was still dating Deepika Padukone, the pair had even shared an apartment in Bandra. However, just when it looked like they were on the verge of taking things to the next level, the liaison met a bitter end. No, these two exes have not managed to stay friends and it doesn’t look like they ever will be.

Mahira khan

The beauty from the other side of the border, Ranbir and she were like a moth to the flame. The whispers were set off after they hit it off at an international event. The murmurs reached a crescendo after they were papped sharing a smoke on a New York street. Apparently, his protective mommy quickly stepped in to nip this one in the bud.

Shruti Haasan

Sparks flew after they shot for an advertisement together. They were reportedly spotted out on dates together while trying to keep it hush-hush. It met a quick end as Shruti later came out to maintain that she was very busy with her work and had nothing to say because the rumors didn’t affect her anymore.

Deepika Padukone

They were the golden couple, both onscreen and off it. She seemed like the one the slippery Ranbir would finally hang up his boots for. She even went and got his name inked on her back. The tattoo was near-permanent; their relationship a lot less so. However, despite parting ways they continue to remain friends.

Sonam Kapoor

They were young assistant directors working on Black under Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Then they were cast together in their debut film, Saawariya. However, the slick Ranbir struck again, apparently ditching Sonam for Deepika Padukone. It is something the Kapoor gal took a long time to get over.

Ameesha Patel

They had struck up a friendship at a common friend’s destination wedding. However, tongues got wagging after Ameesha was invited to Randhir Kapoor’s birthday bash, a strictly family affair. Her comfort levels with the Kapoors suggested that she was indeed Ranbir’s special girl. Not much later, she wasn’t…!

Nargis fakhri

It was perhaps only natural that Ranbir should fall for his lovely Rockstar heroine. Shooting intense scenes, bonding at beautiful outdoor locations, the attraction was difficult to resist. The romance though didn’t last long, with buzz suggesting that the two could not establish a strong bond.


Avantika Malik

This petite and pretty lass had apparently caught Ranbir’s eye years ago. They even dated for a while, but our lad was clearly not in the mood for anything long-lasting. They broke up, after which it was Imran Khan who wooed and won the lovely girl.

Nandita Mahtani

She was the worldly-wise divorcee, he the young and smitten lover. Ranbir went on record to say, that “while growing up, I was infatuated with her. I found her beautiful, simple and warm, so unlike the socialite she is made out to be. We went out for dinners, it was nothing serious. Mum knew I had a crush on her.”