Fashionable Reasons We Heart Alia Bhatt!


 It's safe to say that Alia Bhatt has come a really long way. From her safe and slouchy red-carpet choices, back in 2012, to being a millennial fashion icon, Alia has had quite a sartorial transformation. The actress known for her on-point fashion did not quite paint a suave and chic image, back in the days. However, it comes as no surprise that working with the country’s best style-gurus, fashion icons and style beacons over the past five years has had an amazing effect on Bhatt’s sartorial prowess.

From being the fresh-faced, new-kid-on-the-block, to transforming into an impeccably dressed stunner, Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter has become a fashion force to be reckoned with. Be it strutting down the red-carpet or acing the off-duty look, Alia’s ability to switch back and forth with ease has turned this young and chirpy actress into a full-blown style diva.


Quick Learner

Experimenting with maxis, palazzos, and neon blazers during the promos of her film debut, young Alia didn’t take long to find her footing on the slippery slopes of fashion. She soon discovered the beauty of clean lines and muted accessories. And how to spectacularly break that minimalism every once in a while to keep things from getting boring! Today her fashion cues are hung on to by newbies and mature fashionistas alike… “Never ever carry just your phone to a red carpet. Put it in a bag! Matching your belt to shoes is very silly! Mix it up, don’t stick to being so safe. Girls should always experiment with silhouettes. It gives them a chance to discover new shades of their personality.” And the fact that this lass, walks the talk makes all the difference.


Style Chameleon

Girly dresses and athleisure; elaborate lehengas and ripped denim, the girl sports them all, bringing her own individualistic, carefree and even quirky touch to everything she steps out in. A victim of her own image is something she is not. As she explains it, “Karan always told me that if you’re an entertainment person, you have got to be charming and comfortable in your skin. That’s why I don’t stick to a style. Sometimes, I throw something on and forget about it. Fashion critics have written things like, they don’t like the silhouette I’m wearing or they are not happy with the shoes. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as I am happy with what I’m wearing.”


Rule Maker
As fashion designer and bon vivant Wendell Rodricks put it, “Alia is one of those dressers who makes her own style rules. One can see immediately that she dresses for herself and, in the process, stands out from the herd in her own inimitable style. Give her anything, really anything and she will spin it around to an Alia Bhatt narrative. She will keep it youthful, stylish and carefree. Just like we love her to remain!” As Alia herself is wont to say – “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it :)”


Quirk Factor
An avid admirer of Kiran Rao’s sense of dressing – “I always tell her how cool her quirky sense of style is,” she says – and also of Sonam’s feisty, experimental approach to fashion, Alia’s own style is high on carefree and quirky elements. Even her safe red-carpet choices will have an element of unexpected interest, while her slouchy, edgy separates simply ooze swag. Every fashion maven has to accept that her off-duty style is absolutely on point, leaving every other B-town fashionista trailing. While her general sense of style veers towards the classic, the willingness to experiment surfaces ever so often. Essential elements that go into the making of a style icon – even though she would burst out giggling if you called her that!