5 Times We Wished We Were Friends With Aryan Khan!


When it comes to enviable celebs, Shah Rukh Khan pretty much tops that long, long list. And if there’s someone who pretty much beats Mr. King Khan in this millennial age, then who better to do that than his eldest son - Aryan Khan. By the looks of it, Junior Khan already seems to be on the top of his game. From having his very own verified Instagram account to being the talk of the town as the next-big-thing, and of course, ladies’ man! Aryan pretty much already has the world at his feet, at the age of 20. An age where most of us were still trying to hide ourselves behind a bag full of chips!

So let’s wish Mr. Junior Khan a happy birthday with a tight hug (virtually, of course) and jot down why we’d love to switch places with him, happily!

SRK - the Dad!


This is pretty much a given. The two demi-gods of this country: Sachin Tendulkar and SRK. So, when you have a Dad who more than half the country, more like the world worships, what more could you ask for?

It’s all about the genes



When his dad has pretty much romanced more than half the good-looking women in B-town, how can he not follow suit! With Aryan, who’s turning out to be a spitting image of his dad, the ladies surely can’t resist.

Nor can we!

Karan Johar - the Godfather!


Isn’t that obvious? Kjo - The man who’s responsible for reinventing SRK’s career, can’t be leaving the new age millennial, can he? Rumors have it that Johar is more than excited to give Aryan his first blockbuster debut.

Oh, how we wish, we had godfathers like Uncle Johar!

ABS of steel


It isn’t just the last name that we’d love to steal but the washboard ABS, as well.

Haute squad

From Ahaan Pandey to Big B’s granddaughter - Navya Naveli Nanda, when you’re close circle includes a long list of the who’s who; we can’t help but be a tad bit jealous.

Till then, Happy Birthday Future Superstar!