Komal Pandey turns into a ‘hot piece of trash’ as she styles garbage bags into haute couture, slams trolls with her style


Fashionista and influencer Komal Pandey always surprises with her looks, ideas, and creativity. But being up on social media has its downsides, with the haters attacking relentlessly. So when the trolls said she "looked like trash," the digital content creator uploaded a reel on Instagram to show just how fabulously 'trashy' she can look, and honestly, we are stunned!

This new reel was definitely a testament to Komal's skills and sass to give it back to the trolls. When challenged by a viewer to make a garbage bag into an haute couture outfit, the fashion influencer wasn't the one to back down. Not only did Komal take up the challenge, but she also aced it and looked oh so good!  Komal is often targeted for her outfits and slut shamed; so this time around she gave it back, royally!

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The influencer created an entire dress with 3 garbage bags, two for the top and one for the skirt. She added a fun detail, a choker made out of the top of her skirt that she cut off. Overall? A pretty cute look. The fashionista completed the entire outfit with a pair of transparent block heels and a grey long coat. 

From a fun little experiment to shutting down the naysayers, we may have found a new sustainable OOTN for those party nights. Or maybe a new art piece, all thanks to Komal's ingenuity!

(Source - Instagram)