Global fashion influencer Diipa Büller-Khosla welcomes a baby girl, names her 'Dua'


Motherhood is a journey with loads of love, sleeplessness, and tiny clothes to play with and global influencer Diipa Buller-Khosla is all set to embark on this journey. The fashion icon, who has always had some fiery looks to serve us, introduced the world to her and her husband Oleg’s baby girl, Dua Büller-Khosla.

In an emotional Instagram post, she wrote, “With the arrival of our baby girl Dua Büller-Khosla, love and life will never be the same. I could not wait to share this joyous news with this first picture.”

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Talking about the next few weeks and being new to parenthood, Diipa wrote, “So now Dua, Oleg, and I will sleep, eat, love, smile, and hug each other while we figure out this whole parenting thing. And when all the love and food has replenished my energy I will tell it all.”

Throughout her entire pregnancy, Diipa was super interactive with her followers, keep them up to date in her entire journey of pregnancy. From all the struggles to the happy moments and everything in between, Diipa shared it all. 

From the announcement in December to the gender reveal to the birth in April, she shared it all!



We wish a healthy and happy journey to Diipa, Oleg and baby Dua Büller-Khosla!

(Source - Instagram)