Lisa Haydon and Sophie Choudry stand in support of the hairstylist community for Loreal India’s ‘Love is in the hair’ campaign


It's a given fact that a perfect look is a blend of all things together, dreamy outfit, on-point makeup, and styling of that lustrous mane. A hairstyle is also an integral part of the look that changes your appearance overnight and who other than our expert hairstylists to make it happen for us?

Giving an ode to the hairdresser community and extending support towards them amidst this global pandemic, actresses Lisa Haydon and Sophie Choudry shared open, heartwarming letters with Loreal’s unique campaign- #LoveIsInTheHair.

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The actresses expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their hairdressers through a series of videos where they talked about their hair journey with them. The hairstylists also replied to those letters and thanked them for their support. The aim of this campaign was to salute these unsung heroes and stand together as a family during these hard times.


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‘Love is in the hair’ indeed