EXCLUSIVE: It’s time to rethink everything and be aware of the impact: Fashion designer Anamika Khanna in crucial times of COVID-19 Pandemic


With the wrath of the COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus raging like a wildfire, the fashion industry, amongst many others, has come to a standstill. Owing to public safety, many ace designers have shut down their workshops and stores for an indefinite period of time.

PeepingMoon.com got in touch with ace designer Anamika Khanna, who shared insights about the ongoing impact of the pandemic, its lasting effects, and the social responsibilities in crucial times like these.

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Excerpts from the interview:

Q.    What's the magnitude of impact the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic on the fashion industry? 

A.  The impact is tremendous and in my opinion, it is affecting every single person/category/sector associated with the fashion industry. Starting with the designers, vendors, customers, models, photographers, show producers, set designers, textile mills, printing factories, retail stores, and most importantly the tailors, finishing people and the embroiders

Q. With the closure of workshops and stores, the business has come to a standstill. How is the fashion industry, collectively, coping up?

A.  It’s not just the fashion industry it’s the industries worldwide that have been impacted. Only when the economies see a boost, any luxury industry will have standing. As designers, we all stand together and for the moment we are all grappling with the same situation.

Q.   Being in 'Quarantine' can be pretty overwhelming at times and can take a toll on one's mental health...

A. True, but look at it positively! Working out, doing creative work and thinking, hanging out with the family, catching up on all the TV shows, staying in touch and above all staying positive will sail you through. 

Q.    With everything coming to a halt for an indefinite period of time, how are you utilizing your self-isolation period? Are you working on any new designs or collections?

A. It’s such a time of uncertainty, one is questioning a lot of things. Yes, for sure I’m doing a lot of creative thinking. This also keeps my mind sane at all time. 

Q. As a fashion community, what measures should designers/artisans take to minimize the impact financially and socially?

A. As a fashion community, it’s time to start rethinking everything and be super conscious socially and be aware of the impact on the environment.

Q. How are you aiding your team of artisans and salespersons in tough times like these?

A. We all will have to support all the people associated with us in every way we can, whether it’s their wages or keeping them employed. For this, we have to fortify ourselves first.