PeepingMoon Exclusive: Wanted Mohini Chabria to make my shaadi ka lehenga, would most definitely re-tweak and re-wear my outfits: ‘Bride-chilla’ Anushka Ranjan

Not a long time ago, actress Anushka Ranjan got ‘sealed’ for life in a larger-than-life fairytale wedding with actor Aditya seal. Dating almost for four years now, the duo tied the knot in a grand ceremony with B-town’s crème-de-la-crème in attendance.

Needless to say, right from the bang-on wedding festivities to dreamy decors and glam-bam OOTDs, everything about this wedding was spectacular. Setting an example for the future fashionista brides, Anushka paid attention to every little detail, suggested minute yet difference-making inputs to make her special day of life, an extra special one. However, the ‘bride-chilla’, Anushka surely ditched the repeated, quintessential way to go about things. Whether it was about the classy yet sustainable decors, skipping the mandatory dress codes and themes or avoiding the wastage of long-list buffet menus she bent some done and dusted norms all while having fun at her wedding. From the looks of her gram feeds highlighting the wedding, the actress looked happy, carefree and definitely glowing in love!

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If you are one of the non-perfection-seeking bride with an upcoming wedding or just a curious fashionista just like us, we have good news for all of you! got in touch with the newlywed, stunning bride to decode her unconventional wedding looks that would serve as an inspiration this shaadi season!

Excerpts from the interview:

Undoubtedly, you made for a stunning bride this wedding season. However, we would want to know the thought process, vision and creativity that you and your team put behind each of the looks, starting with your Mehendi one- What was the idea behind opting for a subtle Anita Dongre look?


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So the idea behind the subtle Anita Dongre look was because I did not want to be heavily decked up. I knew there were two more days of madness going forward. And mehendi is an occasion where you are running around, putting mehendi, dancing on dhol and if you are heavily dressed then you can’t enjoy. My basic funda was that I want to make sure that these two or three days is only enjoyment for myself and my friends and at no point do I want to feel or look uncomfortable. A lot of times I feel brides don’t understand that the heavier the outfit, does not mean better. It just means you are more restricted to enjoying yourself. That’s why I was like let’s keep it light, subtle and fun so there can also be a buildup every day.

Your Sangeet was the time when you emerged as a flamboyant bride in a red Manish Malhotra sharara saree. What was the idea behind going OTT/ quintessential for your sangeet as generally brides save ‘the red’ for their wedding day?

Honestly, it was pre-decided that I am not going to be wearing red at my wedding. Though the Manish Malhotra outfit looked very flamboyant, it was genuinely just pants and a choli and we threw on a dupatta. My hair was just poker straight and I kept smokey eyes with a nude lip. So again I wanted to keep it more western and high-fashion with pants as an option more than Indian because on sangeet, it's mostly dancing and practicing. Everybody is wearing big lehengas with big gheras so you can’t hug anyone, you can’t walk around. So as I said before my only basic idea was to feel and look comfortable and be happy.

Saving the best for the last was your unconventional lilac lehenga from designer Mohini Chabria. Any specific reason to choose the designer and the colour? How did you zero down on this look? And what was your vision regarding your wedding look?

Mohini Chabria has known me since I have been literally born. She was one of my mom’s oldest friends. She is like a mother to me, she is a family and I have always only worn her clothes if I am not being styled or not wearing any specific outfit for a specific reason. So when I decided about the wedding, my first thing was that I am only going to make Mohini aunty make my shaadi ka lehenga because I don’t feel like during a wedding it should be more of a proving a point to anybody. It has to be about what makes you happy and comfortable. And it made me really happy that I could flaunt my aunt’s outfit and her creation and I knew that she would make this look with lots of love and affection and that’s all I wanted throughout this process- everyone happy, loved and involved personally as I didn't want anyone to feel like they are a guest or an outsider at my event, it was our event together. Also, lilac has always been my favourite colour. That was something I was always going to be wearing if I ever did get married. Everyone told me are you sure you want to do this; do you think it will look good on you? And I said I have no idea but this has been a vision and I think this is what I am going to be doing.

Will we ever watch you tweaking and re-wearing some of your wedding looks for other occasions?


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I would most definitely re-tweak and re-wear my outfits. I feel and I believe that we are living in a time where being wasteful is a very immature and silly thing to do and this is something I would like to tell all the brides out there as well that firstly you are making yourself such a beautiful outfit, secondly you are spending so much money. I just believe there is just no reason to not repeat it. People who are your friends are never going to judge you and the ones who do are not your friends. So one way or the other it really doesn’t matter what you are going to wear. Just be a good guest, be fun to be at that particular event. I don’t think your clothes are going to bother anybody. So most definitely you will see me re-wearing these outfits as and where I can. I even kept the look and feel in a way that it’s not so heavy that I can’t wear it for somebody else’s events.

Was there a memorable or funny incident regarding your wedding trousseau? Any delays or lost and found scenario?

More than memory, the thing was that I did not even see my final outfit still about a week or 4-5 days before my wedding. Actually, I went on my shaadi lehenga outfit fitting 3 to 4 days before and I told them to directly deliver it to my hotel room. The same goes with my red (sangeet) outfit. I am not a very panicky person, I trusted the professionals to get my outfits made for me so I had to trust the fact that they are not going to let me down. So I felt like this was not something I did not want to waste my energy on. There were a lot more things happening so I have to be alert and alive for those things as well. So not really anything thought the only silly thing or funny thing that everyone was asking me 'have you tried your outfit at least once with jewellery, hair and makeup?' and I was like my makeup artist is in Jaipur, she is not even coming down till the day of the events. People were quite shocked as to how relaxed I was.

To what extent did your bride squad ft. Alia Bhatt, Akansha Ranjan, Bhumi Pednekar, Athiya Shetty, Krystle D’Souza help you with your wedding look? Did they give any inputs?


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I actually did not ask for help from my bridesmaids when it came to my wedding looks. I would send them pictures when I decided what I wanted to do but I took this call solely and all of them were very excited. So my shaadi outfit was not seen by anybody but the Anita Dongre and Manish Malhotra outfit I had shown earlier to my friends and they really liked it and they were quite supportive. I know my girls are really really busy and they have a lot going on themselves so I wanted them to be just relaxed and have a good time and be there for me and be happy for me as opposed to harassing them with what, look what colour, come here, do this. So I don’t think I am the quintessential bride but I think that’s what made the wedding more memorable because everybody was there because they wanted to be there. I hear that a lot of people get into fights before the wedding because they get into issues with their bridesmaids saying you didn’t do this and say this and etcetera, etcetera and the last thing I would like was having an issue with a friend or a family member just before my own wedding.

Also, what were your inputs in groom Aditya’s looks?

Yes, with Aditya’s looks there was an input because he is really bad at coming up with looks for himself. He and I met with Manish and Adi’s outfits were made by him for both sangeet and shaadi. So we went there and he gave us some inputs. Manish was fed up of how horribly useless he n I were as a bride and groom and how we had no clue what we wanted to do. But Manish came up with a few ideas and I definitely approved them and after that Adi didn’t have any say or input and said ya ya I trust both of you, I am sure it will look fab and its Manish so I trust him too. So the colours, the vibe everything- it’s Manish I should give more credit to but after that, if there was anyone saying yes and no, I think it was me.

Were you calm or panicky bride? Was there ever a ‘bridezilla’ moment?

I was a little too calm. More than a bridezilla I was a ‘bride-chilla.’ I just wanted to have a good time. I forgot that I have to wake up in the morning for my own chooda and I am partying till 5 AM with my friends and having Maggie in the middle of the night. I wasn’t fussed, this was one time of my life I want to look back and be really happy about. I have created some amazing memories. I have friends constantly calling and messaging saying that was the best weekend and I wish we could relive that. I wanted that situation and I feel that me being calm helped people be calm. I have had the most memorable wedding where everything went very smoothly and everyone came out really happy.

Could you tell us what went behind curating that lavish décor for your wedding?


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With the décor it was lavish but at the same time, it was sustainable. We did not want to have any kind of wastage. So, as much as possible we used very, very, very few real flowers at the mehendi, sangeet and shaadi as well. My mandap had fake flowers on it because I believe that just wasteful spending is a very immature way of going about it. If every bride who is getting married on her day decides no its about me today and I want to be wasteful that’s like one wedding a day in 356 days, like the whole year-round. I wanted it to be classy and something memorable. So with my sangeet I kept it very modern, I had animal prints, colours and everything. I played a lot with those kinds of things and it turned out to look lavish. I was worried that it would look too subtle and just like some random restaurant or night club but I am guessing people really liked it and found it classy. So I just feel like through all of this I just wanted to give a message to all the girls who are going to be married that expenditure and wastefulness are not something that is going to make your wedding memorable. Spending a lot of money on your clothes, getting angry at your bridesmaids and your groom and your parents and your friends- that’s just not how it should be. The more relaxed you are the more relaxed everybody is because it's apparently your day where it’s all about the bride but if you just everybody together, people feel happier and important in your life and they will go out of their way to make sure you are happier if you let them be happy too.


Talking about her style, we also made her answer a few rapid-fire questions regarding her fashion choices. Just as the segment, her answers were rapid and to the point!

Q OTT or understated look.


Q Smokey eye or a red lip.

Both are my favoruite, but red lips.

Q Your wardrobe staple

Comfy pyjamas.

Q Chic LBD or baggy denim

Chic LBD

Q Words to describe your style?

Casual and Comfy

Q Favourite fashion brands


Q Designers you would like to be muse for

Manish Malhotra

Q Up and coming designers whose work you love

Not upcoming, but I love Amit Aggarwal’s work

Q Actress whose fashion sense you admire

Deepika Padukone

Q Actor whose experimental fashion you love

Ranveer Singh


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