Kriti Sanon to Deepika Padukone, B-town queens inspire us to snip the long tresses into a short hair summer

The ultimate fashion tips and styles have arrived to help escape the heat and the Bollywood babes have fallen hook, line, and sinker into it. If you are considering cutting off those long tresses and rocking a short bob or a shoulder-length wavy hairstyle but may not be sure, then our leading ladies are here to shoo those doubts away! With the heat shining down on our heads, shorter lengths seem like the trendy and cute way to beat the heat.

Here are some of the hottest ladies in B-town who rocked the 'short hair don't care' vibe in the sassiest and coolest ways possible: 


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Deepika Padukone's versatility always shines through from everywhere, be it her fantastic acting skills or fashion choices. Thus it is no surprise that she jumped on the shorter hair trend quickly and beautifully. The diva looked chic in her short haircut with wavy locks as she carried it off with utmost charisma.


The ever-stylish Kriti Sanon can never go wrong with her fashion trends and the short haircut can be added to her list of style wins! The actress looked super glamourous with short wavy brown hair, resting atop her shoulder. Not so scary to chop those extra inches off now, isn't it?


Eternally cute Alia Bhatt rocked her wavy shoulder-length tresses and a gorgeous smile. Be it the beach outings during the summer or a trek up the hills, the wavy hair, and short styles will forever be a trend.


A true fashion icon, trust Kareena Kapoor Khan to reign a trend like a queen. Bebo carried off her straight brown, layered hair on her shoulders with so much charisma. The chic hairstyle made us go, "good looks, good looks, and good looks!"

These absolute queens loved the shortcut and wavy hairstyle and inspired us to wear this look for the summer.