Aloe Vera to good'ol Coconut oil, natural ingredients that will aid you achieve a glowing skin this quarantine!


Now that we all facing a lockdown situation, courtesy COVID-19 Pandemic; it’s hard to keep up with the regular parlour routines for our monthly beauty checklist. Also, for years, we have always complained about how pollution and the faced paced lifestyle have taken a toll on our hair and skin.

To focus on the silver lining amidst this situation, now is the time to take that ‘extra’ care of your skin, because honestly, we all are left with nothing much to do! So, walk towards your kitchen or garden and grab these ingredients to achieve that natural glow.

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Honey is a perfect ingredient to achieve that fine glow as its usage can eliminate the dead skin cells which make your skin look dull. It is also beneficial for lightening as well as the brightening of your skin. Application of raw honey on your face can help you balance the bacteria levels of your skin and help you get rid of those acnes.

For better results, mix it with papaya for a soothing fruit mask or with sugar to make a natural DIY scrub.


One cannot make a list about skincare without the mention of aloe vera in it. This sticky substance can be easily grown in your backyard or balcony and provide effective skin results all year long. Aloe Vera is extremely helpful for people with dry skin tone as it provides that much-needed nourishment and hydration to your skin. Along with hydration, it also fights pimples and acne, reduces stretch marks and acts as of anti-aging element. If hurt, its application on the cuts can soothe the wounds.

One can either apply it directly on the face or mix it with honey, rose water, gram flour (besan) or multani mitti for better skin results.


Rose water is available at any shop or could be easily prepared by soaking rose petals in water. It is very beneficial in the beauty regime as its usage can soothe and rejuvenate your face. Apart from acting as a soothing element for your sensitive skin, rose water can be also used as a toner and natural makeup remover. Cleaning your face with rose water will help you achieve a soft glowing skin overnight and help you soothe those puffy eyes.

For better results, mix it with multani mitti, honey or yogurt for that unmatched glow!


Apart from helping you get rid of those under-eye bags, cucumber also helps you to revitalize your skin and aids in achieving that flawless glow. Kheera reduces skin tanning, dark circles, and eye wrinkles. Not just that it controls the puffiness of your eyes and soothes burns.

You can make a homemade DIY facemask by mixing cucumber with milk and some mint leaves or with yogurt to elevate your skin game.


Apart from your lustrous mane, good’ol coconut oil nourishes your skin as well. It works as a good moisturizer for your dry skin and treats acne effectively. Not just this, coconut oil can act as an excellent makeup remover as well. Just apply some of it on your face and dab it off with a cotton pad. Mixing coconut oil with turmeric powder, honey, and lemon juice can help in skin lightening.

Coconut oil mixed with some baking soda can help you get rid of those blackheads or a DIY mask of coconut oil, lemon and yogurt will help you keep your oily skin under check. A mixture of honey and green tea along with the oil can give you an instant radiant skin.

So ladies, it’s time to hit your home salon and create magic!

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