PeepingMoon Exclusive: No double bed, no physical activity, no plate sharing: Check out the NEW format of Bigg Boss 14 amid COVID-19


Just two weeks more and the wait will be over for Bigg Boss fans. The upcoming season ‘Bigg Boss 14’ will be premiered on October 3, 2020 wherein Salman Khan will be back as the host. Last year, the season 13 managed to break all recorda owing to the immense popularity of its contestants and their drama. #SidNaaz to #SidRa, BB13 topped the charts throughout its run on Colors. Obviously, the expectations are equally high from this season too. However one cannot forget that COVID-19 is not over yet!

This pandemic situation has altered the way we use to live and so will change the lives of contestants residing inside the BB14 house. So, prepare yourself to watch the show with a complete new format, as brings you all the exclusive updates:

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 No double-beds: source revealed, “The major highlight of this season of BB will be the lockdown. Every rule related to social distancing and sanitization will be followed amongst the contestants inside the house. There will be no double sharing beds unlike the other past seasons. Also, there will be a minimum 1 metre distance between two single beds. Considering the social distance norm, the sitting area will be bigger too. The makers have strictly informed the art designer to construct a house keeping social distancing in mind.”

 No plate sharing, no physical task: 

“There will be no food plate sharing amongst the contestants. Every contestant will have their own set of flatware and will have to continue with it till the end of the show (if they manage to survive). Adding more to it, there will no group task at least for few initial weeks; no physical tasks allowed too. Currently, such tasks are planned by the creative team wherein the contestant will not have direct physical contact with another one,” added our source.

 Contestant to undergo medical test every week: 

The contestants shall be tested for COVID-19 before entering the house as well as during their stay too. Apparently, they will have to undergo medical test every week to avoid any kind of medical emergency throughout the show. Unfortunately, if a participant falls ill, his/her journey will immediately come to an end.

 Mini-theatre, mall, a restaurant corner and spa inside the house: 

The makers of BB14 have planned to construct a mini-theatre, mall, a restaurant corner and spa inside the house too. During the lockdown, people have missed going to mall, watching films and eating out. These contestants will get a chance to enjoy these moments as part of luxury tasks. 

 No jail:

Owing to the current scenario, no contestant will be isolated in a manner that his/her health will be neglected or affected. 

In case, any contestant falls ill, due to any reason, channel has already lined up backup contestants and without further ado, one will be replaced by another!