Exclusive: Deepika Padukone shops for her wedding jewellery at Tanishq


You can stop speculating on what bridal jewellery the lovely Padmaavat actress Deepika Padukone is going to be wearing when she marries that flamboyant actor Ranveer Singh on November 14 and 15. All of Bollywood is trying to find out. Not because Deepika has been a trendsetter. But, well, who wouldn’t like to know!

PeepingMoon.com can tell you a few things in confidence. Deepika is definitely going to be a quintessential Sabyasachi (Mukherji) bride. But while the actress will be dressed in bridal wear from the Kolkata fashion designer’s heritage collection, the ensemble will not include Sabyasachi’s jewellery.

Everybody is under the impression that Deepika is going in for the custom-made merchandise that Sabyasachi exclusively designed himself in association with jewellery  brand GAJA and spectacularly launched in 2008. But no, that’s not going to be happening.

[caption id="attachment_157387" align="aligncenter" width="696"] Deepika Padukone in Sabyasachi[/caption]

We have it on authority that Deepika will be wearing exquisite pieces of Tanishq jewellery  that she endorses as ambassadress for the brand. In 2015, Tanishq – a Titan Company jewelry brand – announced the Bollywood diva as its ambassadress. And since then,  Deepika has been seen in several TV and print ads for Tanishq. She even represents the renowned jewellery line at red carpet events around the world.

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Sources have confirmed to PeepingMoon.com that as part of her bridal shopping recently, Deepika did exhaustive shopping at the Tanishq flagship store in Andheri from where she is reported to have purchased jewellery worth Rs. 60 lakh. Not just because she represents the brand, but also because Deepika is genuinely said to be fond of the wedding and festive line put out Tanishq.

But, the jewel in the crown of this story is something else. PeepingMoon.com is also privy to the information that the Bollywood bride is reportedly going to be wearing the breathtaking royal Jadau necklace that she had on in the unforgettable Jauhar sequence of her last film Padmaavat. Jadau is engraved jewelry work favoured by the artisans of Rajasthan and Gujarat. This jewellery is exclusively worn on auspicious occasions like engagements and marriages.

[caption id="attachment_157386" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Deepika Padukone in the Jadau Necklace for Padmaavat by Tanishq[/caption]

For the Jauhar scene in Padmaavat, where she heroically commits self-immolation as was the practice among Rajput royalty, Deepika as Queen Padmavati wanted to go down as a married woman. The Jadau necklace from the Sanjay Leela Bhansali epic is said to have been designed by Tanishq. Interestingly, the entire collection of Padmaavat jewellery is up for sale on the jewellery brand’s website – except for this particular piece. No wonder it is the actress’ obvious choice for her wedding day!