Janhvi Kapoor on paparazzi culture: Every celebrity has a ration card

Janhvi Kapoor is set for her upcoming release ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’ where she will star alongside Rajkummar Rao.

As the actress is currently busy promoting the film, she was asked in one of the interviews about her take on the paparazzi culture, replying to which she shared that there is a ‘celebrity ration card' that everyone has.

She said, "Like right now, Mr. and
Mrs. Mahi's promotion is going on; they are called to the airport to click my picture. But when the film's promotion is not happening, when I am not going for shoots, when I want to disappear, then, if they want to put in extra effort, and this has happened many times, they follow the car because they get paid for every picture, every image.”

Janhvi added, "Every celebrity has a ration card. Their pictures sell for so much. If your price is high, they reach you, follow your car. If the price is not that high, you call paps."


Source: The Lallantop