Shah Rukh Khan hospitalized in Ahmedabad for dehydration, discharged after treatment

Shah Rukh Khan was admitted to KD Hospital in Ahmedabad on Tuesday, May 21st, due to dehydration. Following primary treatment, he was discharged and is now in stable condition.

The incident occurred after Shah Rukh Khan had travelled to Ahmedabad for the play-off match between KKR vs SRH, which took place on Tuesday. SRK had arrived in the city two days prior to support his team.

Following the match, Shah Rukh Khan and the team received a grand welcome at the ITC Narmada Hotel late at night. However, his condition worsened the next morning. He was taken to KD Hospital around 1 pm, where he received immediate care and was subsequently discharged. According to the doctors, SRK is advised to take adequate rest to ensure a full recovery.