Throwback to when Ajay Devgn revealed his first impression of Kajol: Wasn’t keen to meet her again

Ajay Devgn is celebrating his birthday today and the wishes have been pouring all over for the actor from his fans and industry colleagues.

Amidst all this, let’s go in a throwback interview of the actor when he revealed some unknown things about him and his wife Kajol.

In an old interview, the actor once revealed that when he met Kajol for the first time, he found her to be very ‘loud’ and he even wasn’t keen to meet her after that.

He said, "I had met Kajol once before We
started shooting for Hulchul. Honestly, I wasn't
very keen to meet her after that. When you
meet her for the first time, she comes across
as a loud, arrogant and a very talkative
person. Moreover, we were very different from
each other in terms of personality. But, I guess
what is meant to happen, happens."

The actor further added, “My family was happy that there
was finally someone speaking in the house!
But honestly, out of two people, one needs to
speak. If we both kept quiet, it would be a problem. So Kajol is talkative, and I'm quiet.”

He concluded, "I don't know what attracted
me to her. Actually, we both don't know what it
was.... We began talking, then we became
friends, and eventually we decided to get married. We didn't even propose to each other. It just happened naturally.”

Ajay and Kajol married in 1991.

Source: Pioneer