Nayanthara's Instagram Drama Unfolds: Unfollows Husband Vignesh Shivan and Shares Cryptic Post

In a surprising turn of events, Nayanthara, the acclaimed South Indian actress, took to Instagram to make a bold statement about her relationship with filmmaker husband Vignesh Shivan. The actress unfollowed Shivan on the social media platform, sending shockwaves through their fanbase.

Accompanying this move was a cryptic post from Nayanthara, featuring a serene sunset with the caption, 'I got this...'. The ambiguity of her message left fans speculating about the state of their marriage.

Rumors and speculations flooded social media, with fans dissecting every aspect of Nayanthara's post. While some speculated trouble in paradise, others suggested it could be a publicity stunt for an upcoming project.

Close sources reveal that the couple has been facing challenges in their relationship, adding a layer of authenticity to Nayanthara's virtual move. As the internet buzzes with curiosity, fans are left eagerly awaiting further updates on this unfolding Instagram drama.