Sidhu Moosewala's confidant Bunty Bains attacked, escapes firing

In the dimly lit ambiance of Mohali's popular restaurant, Bunty Bains, a renowned Punjabi music composer and confidant of the late Sidhu Moosewala, found himself engulfed in a chilling symphony of danger. Having recently managed the affairs of the departed Moosewala, Bains had become an unwitting target in the unforgiving shadows of the Punjabi music industry.

One evening, as Bains shared snippets of his day on Instagram from the very restaurant, the night took a sinister turn. Unidentified gunmen shrouded in darkness, stormed the establishment, their intent masked by the echoes of gunfire that shattered the tranquility. Startled patrons sought refuge as chaos ensued.

Just 30 minutes after Bains' social media update, the bullets found their mark, leaving a haunting realization in their wake. A targeted attack on the composer is orchestrated with malevolent precision. Bains, narrowly escaping the deadly dance of bullets, emerged shaken but resolute.

In the aftermath, Bains revealed a sinister demand – a call demanding extortion of 1 crore, a dark echo from the underbelly of the music industry. As he filed a police complaint, the harmonious melodies that once defined his life now carried an ominous undertone, a composition tainted by the shadows of violence and greed.