Media to nanga kar hi rahi thi mujhe, upar se ye bhi ho gaya: Raj Kundra says he was stripped in jail, felt very humiliated

Raj Kundra is all set to make his acting debut with the film UT69 which will star the businessman himself and describe about his jail journey of 2 months.
Raj was arrested back in the month of July of 2021 and released in September of the same year after he was alleged of producing the pornographic content. And put behind the bars of Arthur Road jail in Mumbai.
Recently, he went on to talk about his jail experience and said that it was a very humiliating procedure. He said, “It is humiliating because wo nanga hi kar dete hain apko. Checking if you are carrying any narcotics in your back side, they will strip you down in front of everyone so you feel like you have lost all your dignity when that happens.”

He further added, “You feel like you have gone through so much already ab yahan pe bhi nanga kar rahe hain. Media to nanga kar hi rahi thi mujhe, upar se ye bhi ho gaya so I felt very disheartened and hurt.”

Raj’s UT69 is directed by ShahNawaz Ali and will release on November 3.