Rahul Dravid's angry avatar in his new ad takes the internet by storm, Virat Kohli says 'Never seen this side of bhai'


Former India cricketer Rahul Dravid's new advertisement for a credit card payment application is taking the internet by storm after it was released on Friday. Dravid, who is known as one of the nicest and most well-behaved human beings in the cricketing fraternity, looks the complete opposite in the ad and that is what is so amusing to his colleagues and fans. 

Dravid completely loses his cool in the ad and can be seen howling and screaming while sitting in his car at a red light. He also shouts at fellow commuters and at one point, even takes out a bat to break the side-view mirror of the car standing next to his. Dravid also yells “Indiranagar ka gunda hun main” during the whole episode.

In the ad description, the former cricketer says, “Hi, this is Rahul Dravid writing the description for this video. Sorry, I lost my temper there. I am meditating these days. Well, I am just writing this to let you know that CRED truly rewards you every time you pay your credit card bills on time. They are good people. Also, if an ‘Ajay’ from the red SUV who overtook me at the signal on 8th April 2021 is reading this, meet me there again in a week’s time. I’ll be waiting."

Virat Kohli commented on the ad on Twitter and wrote, "Never seen this side of Rahul bhai". 

Cricket fans have also reacted to the add adding some witty comments and memes on the same, hence making the video viral on social media.

(Source: Twitter)