Taapsee Pannu shares an inspiring video of her physical transformation to play a sprinter in ‘Rashmi Rocket’


Taapsee Pannu shared a detailed video that features her journey of major physical transformation of playing a sprinter in her upcoming film Rashmi Rocket. She had promised her fans of sharing a BTS video of her grueling training and exercise regime and now here it is. The video features snippets of Taapsee from the sets of the film as well as working out in the gym along with commentaries from her trainers, nutritionists and health experts. She also shared childhood pictures of winning medals in school Annual Sports Day in the video and also said how she was clear of building her body the hard way without resorting to steroids.

She captioned the video, “Coz ordinary people are meant to do extra ordinary things “ Here it is....caption mein aur kuch likhne ko bacha nahi hai sab video mein bol diya.” In the video Taapsee says, “When I started preparing for Rashmi Rocket, it almost felt like a deja vu. I was back at the starting line, looking at the finish line and thinking that yeas, I can do it again. In my first meeting with my trainers, I told them thumb rule - no steroids. I wanted to build my body very naturally, in a very believable way...there were lot of challenges, there are lot of challenges, being a female-driven film, there aren't budget allocated, at least not as much as you get for these sports big skills films...we didn't have those budget so we decided to make it real and to work on myself.”


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She further added, “I didn't have the liberty being a female actor to sit at home for a year while I build my body and get ready. I had to do other films simultaneously so I was shooting for multiple other films while I was daily training for Rashmi Rocket. Two hours of rigorous training, going into of 12-14 hours of shooting and coming back home, sleeping, getting up and doing the same thing again. I have never been a gym person, not gone to gyms that often. For this film, I needed to hit the gym, and hit the gym read bad! It took me close to a month to start lifting serious weights. In the beginning, it was long warm-ups and from there onwards to eventually lifting over 20 kgs on head squat was something I never thought I will be able to do."

Talking about the difficult part, she said, “Things were going smooth and effortlessly when I started shooting for Rashmi Rocket and on the third day of the shoot, I think my body couldn't take it anymore. I just couldn't run anymore. Halfway through the sprint, I stopped, I couldn't lift my legs. I had to stop the shoot for a while, just be able to walk. That day was very scary for the entire set...I was scared, obviously. Usually, I feel that I can brave up the situation and say that 'okay, I can handle it." But that moment, I had a question mark in my mind, which was very scary. It was painful. Every time I used to lift my leg, it used to hurt and that's not how you can shoot an athletic film. It took me almost two weeks to bearable pain when I start sprinting.”

Taapsee plays the role of a sprinter named Rashmi in the film, directed by Akarsh Khurana and co-produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Neha Anand and Pranjal Khandhdiya.

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