‘I wish I never made it,’ says Hansal Mehta about Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Simran’

Hansal Mehta has finally opened up on the making of his 2017 film Simran that had Kangana Ranaut in the lead and was embroiled in several controversies ahead of its release. The film’s writer-editor Apurva Asrani had claimed that Kangana grabbed all the credit for his work and changed his version of the film. The two had quite a fall out and a war-of-words on social media as well. Now, Hansal has spoken about the film and termed his experience of working on the film as ‘painful’, although he maintains that he holds no bitterness towards Kangana and had a great time off the sets with her. Kangana at that time had called Hansal 'spineless'. 

Calling working on the film a ‘painful memory’, Hansal told an online portal, “I sometimes wish I never made it. There was no need. It was an unnecessary aberration in my career. It makes me sad, it could’ve been a much better film. It had the potential to be a great film. It used to sadden me but now it’s…It was a painful time. Every day. Beyond that, it’s difficult to speak about it. I don’t even revisit it. There was a time after the film released, I went through a very low phase mentally. Took therapy. The film affected my mental health. I went into a shell, I did not want to meet people. I was in a period of very low self-esteem.”

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He further added, “Hansal added, “I’ll be honest with you, I enjoyed Kangana’s company outside the set and I had a great time with her. We used to go out and she would always ask me to choose restaurants. We’d have a great meal together, party together, I would choose good wine, all that was fun. (But on the sets) It went out of my control completely. That’s not a happy situation to be in. Other than dealing with the fact that she (Kangana) completely took charge of the set and began directing other actors, I lost a lot of money too, which had nothing to do with her. Financially it hit me badly. I was stupid enough to sign some papers when the film was stuck for some reason, which got me into a financial and legal tangle. So almost a year-and-a-half, there was arbitration going on in court. I’ve sort of emerged back. You have to go through what you have to go through. It was tough.”

Hansal, however, holds no bitterness for Kangana. “We haven’t spoken for a long time. On Twitter, we’ve had some pleasant exchanges. She invited me for tea one day just to talk so it’s fine that way. There’s no reason to have any interaction. If I see her, it’ll be very cordial. I have no ill feelings for anyone. I consciously did it, she didn’t pull me in. The reason I haven’t been bitter is that you have to always keep the room open for mending. You never know who you’ll meet and when. I am very philosophical about it. Kangana, everything aside, is a good actor. She’s a fantastic actor. So who knows? Tomorrow there might be something and we might want to make a film together. Bitterness is pointless,” he said.

Simran had opened to mixed reviews and did average business at the box office but Kangana’s performance was appreciated.

(Source: Huffington Post)