Let us put an end to the pandemic of cyber bullying: Sonakshi Sinha releases the first episode of her initiative 'Ab Bas'


Sonakshi Sinha, who has faced online trolls and bullying, has resorted to end it. The actres teamed up with Mission Josh and a few other cyber experts and launched a campaign called ‘Full Stop To Cyber Bullying’. Taking to social media, Sonakshi shared a video in which she raised her voice against the malpractice of cyberbullying and harassment. She has teamed up with special IGP of Maharashtra Police Mr Pratap Dighavkar and other cyber experts to put an end to the online trolls who in the garb of anonymity issue threats and spew venom that result in mental harassment. The goal of the campaign is to spread awareness towards the subject and various important aspects so that the trollers, harassers, bullies are aware of the consequences as well as legal actions that can be taken against them. Now, the first episode has gone live on Sonakshi's official Instagram account. In the 34-minute long episode, Sonakshi is in conversation with Mansi Dhanak and Vinav Bhanawat from Mission Josh. 

The actress captioned the first episode as, "Ab Bas Episode 1 Let us put an end to the pandemic of Cyber bullying and trolling! It's time to stop ignoring all these nameless tormentors sitting behind a screen and putting out bad, vulgar comments, remarks and threats. It's time to put a FULL STOP to cyber bullying and trolling . Watch the first episode as I talk to Special IGP of Maharashtra Police, Shri Pratap Dhigavkar and special cyber investigator @riteshb2, trying to understand the basics of what exactly is cyber bullying and trolling and how it can affect one's life. @missionjoshofficial @mansidhanak @vinavb @Cyberbaap @studiounees #MissionJosh #FullStopToCyberBullying

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A few weeks back, Sonakshi had quit Twitter to 'be away from the negativity'. Soon after, the actress launched her initiative. 

(Source: Instagram)