When people take off on nepotism they do not really address the elephant in the room: Hansal Mehta talks about the battle between the powerful and the rising


The nepotism debate has once again come to the forefront in the aftermath of Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise. Netizens have been trolling star kids and big names of the industry for not giving ‘outsiders’ a foothold in Bollywood and crushing talent. Several celebs have also joined the fray telling their own stories about nepotism and favouritism. Acclaimed director Hansal Mehta also joined in the controversy and felt that the debate needs to be ‘broadened’.

The director in a series of tweets wrote about nepotism, favouritism and camps prevalent in the film industry. Citing the example of his son who ‘got a step in the door’ because of him, the director wrote that that was not the sole criteria for him to get the opportunity but the qualities of being ‘talented, disciplined, hardworking and having similar values’ were the actual reasons. Check out his tweets below:

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When a netizen pointed out that the debate was about the talented not even getting opportunities, Mehta wrote that it was ‘nobody’s fault’ that his son gets the chance. However, he wrote that even the ‘privilege’ has to be earned to be inherited.

The nepotism debate has made several celebrities leave Twitter and turn-off the comments section on Instagram.

(Source: Twitter)