Rangoli Chandel shares adorable throwback picture of Kangana Ranaut dressed as Sita from ‘Ramayan’, says ‘she got a lot of scolding from papa’


Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel has shared an adorable throwback picture form the actress’s childhood when she took part in a school play. The picture shows Kangana dressed up in a red sari as she played the role of Sita Ma from Ramayan. She is seen wearing fake long hair with gajra, jewelry and has the sari’s pallu on her head.

Rangoli shared the picture with some details about it as well. She wrote, “Ramayana being on-air here sharing a picture of Kangana from school Ramayana play, make up costume direction by Kangana, she was hardly 13 years old used to get lot of scolding from papa for dressing up like this but she never cared.”

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The photograph features Kangana blessing her followers as Sita. She is seen with her other friends, one of them dressed up as Hanuman and another girl in a saint’s attire presumably to depict Lord Rama.

(Source: Twitter)