I am a huge fan of Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om’ is one of my favourite movies: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Veteran actor Michael Douglas and his wife and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was in conversation with Anil Kapoor at a leadership summit organized by a leading daily tonight. They shared a lot of interesting insights on career, marriage, their life as a hugely popular married couple and also living with the extra baggage of being a successful actor Kirk Douglas’ son. However, what took everyone by surprise was Catherine’s admission that she loves Bollywood films and even proceeded to name one that has a Shah Rukh Khan connect. 

Catherine who has done a musical Chicago and has her expertise in singing and dancing revealed that she always liked the idea of songs in films. Talking about her favourite Bollywood film she said, “I am huge fan of Bollywood and Om Shanti Om is one of my favourite movies. It’s really true and I’m not saying this because I’m in India. My kids have been brought up singing ‘Om Shanti Om’ since they were this high. I know it inside out and so does my mother. I am a big Bollywood fan and I would have loved to do a Bollywood movie in my career. Anyway, if anybody out there if you wanna cast me then please let me know.”

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Michael seconded her love for Hindi films and said, “On Christmas when everyone is singing Christmas carols our house is singing Om Shanti Om.” Well, we’re sure Shah Rukh, Farah Khan and Deepika Padukone will be very happy to know that Catherine loves their film and knows the entire song. 

(Source: Hindustan Times Leadership Summit)