'No Filter Neha': Did you know Jacqueline Fernandez missed exams at 17 to audition for Australia's Next Top Model?

Jacqueline Fernandez recently made an apperance on Neha Dhupia's chat show No Filter Neha. During the show, Jacqueline revealed that she ditched her mathematics exam to audition for Australia’s Next Top Model at the age of 17. "Australia’s Next Top Model was huge. We used to wait for it to play and we used to sit in the common room and watch it. Then, selections were on. They had come to Sydney and I had a math exam that same day. I was like, I’m going,” she said. The actress further added, “I got to Australia’s Next Top Model; I literally ditched an exam. I was one of the scholarship students and I was a foreign student as well, so they took these things very seriously. I was like, I am risking way too much. I was 17 and freaking out."

However, Jacqueline was met with a rude response when she went for the audition and to her relief, she got to take her exam on another day. She said, "I was so lucky. I came back to the teacher and told him that I'm so sorry and said please can I redo it. And he actually gave me a retest. See the thing was I was a really good student. I took my studies really seriously."

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Not just that, Jackie also disclosed that she had a desire to be a nun as she was educated in a convent school. "I went to a convent school that was run by nuns. As a kid, you follow an example and get influenced. I was influenced by them. We were in school, and in church every day. I was in the choir too. There was a lot of gospel stuff [that we sang]. It seemed like [I had no] other way to go," she said. Albeit, it all ended when she "started discovering boys." She said, "I started having crushes, and eventually knew that the nun thing would not work out."

Last but not the least, Jacqueline opened up about her early days in Bollywood when she was struggling and begging for acting roles. "In the beginning, I found success very fast. I got a couple of modelling jobs here. I was immediately cast in Aladdin. [Then] there were bad days, where I had nobody to turn to and no idea what I was doing on a set. I got yelled at by people a lot, because I messed up often. Then, films didn't do well. I had a lull for a year. [I began to wonder] what had I done [wrong], or [if this was the] right career move," she concluded.

Jacqueline recently made her web debut with Drive, a Netflix film. She will soon be seen in another Netflix project, Shirish Kunder’s Mrs Serial Killer.

(Source: Mid-Day)