Netflix's Ma Anand Sheela teaser: Meet the controversial women behind Osho's empire


Ma Anand Sheela, secretary of the late godman Bhagwan Rajneesh, popularly known as Osho, was in India recently for interaction with Karan Johar whose Dharmatic Entertainment is producing her documentary for Netflix. She was the personal secretary of Bhagwan Rajneesh from 1980 to 1985. She is credited with the creation of the Rajneesh Commune and Rajneeshpuram. She recently returned in the limelight thanks to the award-winning Netflix series Wild Wild Country, which narrated the true story of the controversial late Osho -- the Rolls-Royce–driving Indian guru who set up an alleged sex cult in central Oregon in the 1980s.

Ma Anand Sheela is all set to be the subject of an in-production Netflix documentary. This Netflix special will give a personal insight into the controversial life of Ma Anand Sheela. Netflix released a 39 seconds long teaser featuring Ma Anand Sheela. In the teaser, Ma Anand Sheela is seen saying, “How many women do you know who have built an entire city? And yet I am known for my tough titties.”

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The special feature is being directed by award-winning documentary makers, Shirley Abraham and Amit Madheshiya, and is being produced by Dharmatic for Netflix. Ma Anand Sheela was recently in India on the invitation of NGOs Sipping Thoughts and Humans for Humanity.

(Source: YouTube)