Age and weight are just numbers for Akshay Kumar who is fab at 52


If you want proof that age is just a number then look no further than this cheerful and sunny picture of Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon that blazed a hot trail across social media today. It was taken at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai where the rock star Bollywood actor shot his first music video. It’s called Filhaal. The Punjabi musician B Praak, who sang the track Teri Mitti in Akshay’s super hit film Kesari earlier this year, collaborated with him on it.

More interesting are Akshay’s co-stars in Filhaal; Nupur and Punjabi actor Ammy Virk. Nupur is his Housefull 4 actress Kriti Sanon’s kid sister. She’s got dreams of breaking into Bollywood herself and, after a couple of advertisements with Kriti, this is Nupur’s first big shot at fame. Of her experience of shooting with Akshay, who at 52 is more than twice her age, Nupur said, “From being his fan to being blessed to be his co-star, what a magical feeling. Couldn’t have asked for a better start than being paired opposite my favourite…”

But Akshay is every Bollywood actress’ favourite co-star. He doesn’t subscribe to the belief that life must slow down after 50. At his age, he is energy-plus, he pulls off the most amazing and daring stunts in his action films by himself. And off the camera, he cracks up the unit with his zany sense of humour and wicked pranks. But there’s no secret formula to the superstar’s zest for life. On his 52nd birthday on September 9, Akshay shared a breathtaking bare body black and white picture of himself that had millions of fans and friends envious as they wished the actor a happy birthday.

Akshay’s caption for the picture was: “We are what we eat. Be a product of Mother Nature. Don’t be a product of a product. Be true to your body and it’ll carry you in ways you only dreamed of at this age. Take care, 1 life, get it right.” What Akshay meant was to live clean and not abuse one’s body. He does not drink and smoke. Nor does he diet. He eats natural food. And he never misses a workout or a sunrise. But his ripped muscles and rock-like abs are not the products of artificial fitness supplements. The actor has never taken a protein shake or muscle booster. His body is the result or rigorous daily exercise.

There’s another thing about Akshay. When he made his Bollywood debut with Raj Sippy’s Saugandh in 1991, the raw and new actor was a lean and mean 79 kg only. Now, 28 years and at least 127 films later, when’s he about to come out with the promo of his Diwali release Housefull 4, Akshay is still a ripped and battle hardened 79 kg only. That’s his strategy. But for a few kilos ups and down, he’s maintained this weight always.

Other Bollywood actors might alarmingly up their weight to get into the skin of their character and then drop it again, but not Akshay. He is what he is and will remain that way. Directors have come to accept that and work their way around Bollywood’s fittest actor.



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