Rahul Khanna’s advice to “distracted” fans by his shirtless picture is pure gem


There are numerous Bollywood actors that come and go and then there is Rahul Khanna whose fan following never diminishes. His ardent fan following is irrespective of his Bollywood films. On Wednesday, he shared a shirtless picture of himself sitting beside a swimming pool and sent the internet and his countless female fans in a world of wild frenzy. The picture has gone viral within hours of being posted with hundreds of women swooning over Rahul’s good looks and hot bod.

Rahul captioned the picture as, “Welcome to the Jungle!” and soon a barrage of wild comments started coming his way like, “This jungle just caught fire," to “Uff the perfect mid-week booster.” One fan had a legitimate problem after seeing the picture and commented, “How am I supposed to pay attention in class now?"


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However, being the gentleman, Rahul started giving advice to his fans and one such advice caught our fancy. One fan admitted that she is so distracted that she is unable to concentrate on her studies and wrote, “I'm supposed to be studying but now I'm so distracted!!" However, Rahul gave her his expert advice and wrote, “Please close Instagram and get back to the books!" Another asked, “This is so unfair. How will I focus on work now?" In response, Rahul wrote, "Can you take the day off?"

[caption id="attachment_229295" align="aligncenter" width="649"] Comment on Rahul Khanna's Instagram post[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_229296" align="aligncenter" width="653"] Comment on Rahul Khanna's Instagram post[/caption]

Check out a few more comments below where women are hoping to get a reply from the actor.

With this adorable banter, Rahul proves that it is not only good looks but a great sense of humour that he possesses. No wonder, the actor is so well-loved by women and they don’t think twice for swooning over him.