If you don’t have an equation, then you can’t be together for so long: Ajay Devgn on his 'chilled out' bond with wife Kajol on their 20th anniversary


Ajay Devgn whose new film Total Dhamaal released yesterday must be relieved by now. And why not? The comedy-drama has opened with a bang. That's about his work, talking about his personal life, he and wife Kajol will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

When asked about his amazing equation that he shares with Kajol, he told a leading daily, “If you don’t have it, then you can’t be together for so long. We have a bond where we can tell each other whatever we want. Even at home, we are a chilled-out couple.” The actor added, “The best part is that we’ve never asked each other to be what we aren’t. If she needs space, she can have it and if I need space, she never grudges that. We can sit together in a room for hours, doing our own thing and we don’t feel uncomfortable that we’re not talking. You can only get along with people who are unobtrusive yet, at the same time, we’re together.”

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When asked if his daughter Nysa, 16, will soon join films like other star kids and he replied, “I will neither encourage Nysa to join the movies nor will I discourage her. As of now, the most important thing is her education. After she finishes that, it’s her call completely, as to what she desires. Right now, I don’t think she is too inclined to be an actress. Apart from that, I don’t think she has the mindset to be in the industry. Today’s children think in their own ways. Their goals are quite different. But what tomorrow holds is something I can’t predict.” “Both Kajol and I are there to guide her. Nysa will decide what she wants to do. Like all parents in the world, we just want what is best for our children,” he added.

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