Gully Boy Trailer: Here are five factors that make Ranveer’s and Alia’s film a must watch


Zoya Akhtar’s much-awaited film Gully Boy’s trailer released today, and boy, oh boy, we bet you’re blown away. Gully Boy stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in the lead role and is slated to release on February 14.

Gully Boy is inspired by the life of rapper Divine. The trailer is such that you will end up watching it again and again. However, here are five factors from the trailer that makes the film a must watch.

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Ranveer Singh

Calling Ranveer a powerhouse of talent would be an understatement because the actor has been going from strength-to-strength after his every film. This is probably the first time that an Indian actor has lent his voice to the rap songs that he sings in the film (In Hollywood the actors who work in musicals usually sing their own songs in the films) and he nails the act beautifully. His dream of making a name for himself as a rapper and rise above the station of his life is endearing and in the last scene of the film when he puts down another rapper for being a self-made man, he literally wins you over. There is no hiding behind facial hair or opulent sets or clothing in the film and we see Ranveer in his true, raw, vulnerable avatar and you end up rooting for his dream to come true, all because of his breathtaking and honest performance.

Alia Bhatt

There will be odes written for Alia’s acting abilities when she grows old and becomes a veteran actor because the young actress can gel in any role and do it so convincingly that it is difficult to envision someone else in that character. Playing a medical student Safina, she is blunt, honest and in-your-face. She is unapologetic about her rage and anger as well as her actions. The way she apologizes to Ranveer for beating up some girl who was getting hanky-panky with him and then when he asks her to swear on his life that she wouldn’t repeat her act, she straightaway negates and  in that act as an audience you end up liking her for her straightforwardness instead of seeing the morality of her actions.

Vijay Raaz

Vijay is an actor par excellence but we have always seen him doing sometimes insipid comedy acts. However, his dominating and abusive act as a father and husband comes across as a revelation. He nails his character and looks like the perfect foil to Ranveer’s dreams and aspirations.

Rap Lyrics

The rap lyrics that Ranveer sings in the film are profound and have a meaning that runs deep. If you thought the poems of Farhan Aktar in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was a class act then you must listen to the words that Ranveer uses to put forth his story in front of other rappers and you will definitely end up clapping.

Zoya Akhtar's Direction

Gully Boy will definitely become one of the best films ever directed by Zoya as she has beautifully captured the soul of the city of Mumbai with its bylanes, slums, aspirations and dreams. The film might project the life of a rapper but stands testimony to everyone who is trying to rise above their station of life and want to challenge the stereotypes, notions and thinking of society.

Watch the trailer here: