Why Shah Rukh Khan was planning to title Zero as Haraami initially


While explaining the title of his upcoming film Zero, Shah Rukh Khan said that the protagonist, Bauua Singh, is actually a “mixture” of several characteristics such as “haram khor, baazigar, aflatoon and kameena.” During his interview with a leading daily, SRK was asked whether he was ‘toying with the idea’ of titling Zero as Harami initially and he elaborated on his answer further.

“You know what we thought.. the character we were trying to build is badmaash. So you see all the titles that came in the teaser first.. there’s haram khor, baazigar, aflatoon, kameena.. I think he’s a mixture of all that. Then we thought what is the one thing that can apply to both. When I was growing up, I would often hear harami being used as a term of endearment like ‘tu bada harami hai’. We thought, can we have a term which can say, he’s fun and he’s an idiot, like he’s a complete zero. Yeh bilkul zero hai yaar,” SRK told the daily.

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SRK plays Bauua Singh, a vertically-challenged man, in Aanand L Rai’s Zero. The title of the film is significant enough as SRK explained that the film doesn’t depict the journey of a “zero becoming a hero” but it’s about a “zero being zero” but perceiving his life in a different manner altogether.

“For us, Zero is also a very Buddhist whole. It can be a complete circle or be nothing. We wanted to have a title that signifies both things. It’s not about a zero becoming a hero. It’s about a zero being zero but you seeing it from a different perspective. There’s no underlying meaning and that’s what I love about Aanand and Himanshu,” SRK added.

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Zero co-stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. It is scheduled to release on December 21.