More than 13 look tests: Here's how Ranbir transformed into Munnabhai for Sanju and it will make your jaws drop


Director Rajkumar Hirani's films have always known to create an everlasting buzz and for all the right reason. After his many hit films that stayed with us over the years, his latest venture - Sanju, starring Ranbir Kapoor in the Sanjay Dutt biopic is no different and is breaking several box office records. And the makers are giving us more and more reasons to hit the theatres (again!)

Today, almost two weeks post its release and Rs.200 crore later, Team Sanju has released a video that shows us the journey of Ranbir becoming and living the iconic character best known as Munnabhai.

Here we break down the many aspects, in limited words, that went behind making RK as Munnabhai.


The numberable look tests

Every filmmaker and actor goes through a few look tests to get it right. But such wasn't the case here. A few just wouldn't work out. It took multiple tests to get just one look right. As Ranbir said, "Probably the 13th test... actually I do not even remember, I have lost the count."

One hairdresser and one stylist? Nah, Sanju deserves a lot. It took multiple artists including Clover Wootton and Hakim Alim to make the transformation easy. After hours of prosthetic trial runs and screen tests, they finally got the "droopy eyes" and "sunken cheeks" right.

"Munnabhai is hard looks from outside but a softie from inside."

Getting into Munnabhai's shoes

Hirani decided to revisit the decade-old days of Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai. And so began the journey of filming a few of his favourite scenes from the iconic movies. Two of the scenes discussed in the video are the opening sequence and the dialogue between Munna and Circuit.

Everyone knows Sanjay Dutt did not become an overnight superstar. His diverse roles and more importantly his style is what sets him apart from all his contemporaries. Ranbir knew it was a task in itself. To ease him into the character and bring him alive, he asked them to "add a little height in the show" for the Munnabhai section, just to get that "swagger" out.

Binge Watching and Live Editing

Ranbir, who is a fan of Munnabhai movies just like all of us, admitted that he binge-watched the film all time to pick up the mannerisms of the character.

Getting into the shoes of Munnabhai was already a challenge in itself but the obstacles did not stop there. While they filmed on the green screen behind, there was the live editing of the footage happening on the set. We're sure it helped and harmed the young actor. But it was all in good spirit, as Ranbir confessed that shooting for this sequence was his favourite.

"Ranbir managed to get the physicality but now he had to find the lovability."

Real vs Reel Munnabhai

No matter what, the baton of being Munnabhai will always be with Sanjay Dutt. However, the director mentioned that Sanjay was a little shaken when he saw the footages. Dutt's words as mentioned by Hirani were "I hope I am doing Munnabhai 3."

Well, we are loving watching Ranbir play the larger-than-life Sanjay Dutt on screen. But Munnabhai, at the core, remains with Dutt only.

Watch the video here: