Hotheads and Haveli Intrigues: All the reasons we are loving the Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3 trailer


The previous two instalments of Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster have been replete with intrigue and power struggles with lashings of lust and violence. Part three of the franchise is not just rooted in the same vein but looks set to raise the bar higher...and the morals lower!

Enticing Characters
Saheb aka Jimmy Sheirgill is dapper and smoothly dangerous as ever. He declares that there are only three things that can change our life – dreams, suffering and love. “I have managed to escape my problems, I’m dreaming right now and I invariably fall in love…” Out of prison and having paid the price, he wishes to reclaim the reins.


Mahie Gill as the Biwi is enjoying her power as a politician. She has no qualms in admitting to her husband that she has all the bad habits she learned from him and then the haveli conspired to destroy what was left... “Here you get addicted to bad deeds,” she smiles, quite at ease with her fate.

And then there’s the Gangster, the older son, the true heir, who is back to repossess what was rightfully his. He admits he has enjoyed life very little so far, but now he is back to reclaim a lifetime of enjoyment. Aware that nobody is thrilled about his comeback, he couldn’t care less, pointing out that he has broken their confidence. By way of introduction he says that whatever one has heard of him, it had to have been bad! His dark deeds prove how right he is!

Mischief Galore

Intrigue runs deep and the thirst for power pervades. Even as smiles flash on faces, daggers are stabbed in backs. We see glimpses of the pact between the biwi and the gangster, as she archly requests his help… Cut to their happy smiles aboard an airplane as he toasts their new beginnings and she responds, “…And new mischief!”!

Passion and atmosphere
Who isn’t a sucker for the bygone era of royalty and lavish living, combined with doses of illicit passion! Even as the beautiful frames hark back to exquisite palaces and a more gracious time, the present brims with power struggles, bloodshed and murder. A tale of revenge written in blood… who can resist?!