India Bound: After hectic Quantico promotion, Priyanka jets off to Assam


It’s amazing what the super busy Priyanka Chopra manages to fit into her super buzzing life. She made it to every US show worth its salt, to promote her new season of ABC’s Quantico. From Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel’s shows to Good Morning America and more, there she was plugging Season 3 of her thriller in which she plays a young FBI recruit.

It has been no mean honour for Priyanka, who became the first-ever South Asian actor to lead a broadcast show in television history which debuted in 2015. In a recent interview to Variety she pointed out, “It seems a little late, considering it happened in 2015. But then even Kerry Washington was the first African American woman to lead a network TV drama in 2012.”

She also added, “I do think Quantico is a really big step in that direction as well for expanding the parameters of women of colour and also immigrant women who come into the country and want to be part of global entertainment.”

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Now the lady is headed to India, to Assam to be precise, for two days. Her Insta story shows that she is bound for the Northeastern state, of which she is the brand ambassador.
She will probably shoot a new series of ads promoting the beauty of the state of Assam.

In the past she had expressed her joy at being appointed as the tourism ambassador of the state. “I will take the state, its people, food, wildlife, greenery, culture and food to the global stage and truly show the world how awesome Assam is,” she had declared. “The true essence of Assam and the Northeast is not appreciated fully in India and maybe even the world does not know much about it, but I am committed to present the incredible part of Assam’s diversity and unity to the outside world in the right perspective.”

Well, she is showing her commitment alright!