Is Hardik Pandya two-timing Elli Avram and Urvashi Rautela?


The Indian Premier League fever is making everyone go crazy in the country. People are busy cheering for their teams and supporting their favourite cricketers but inspite of the frenzy that surrounds each match and the teams, there is one player who is giving nightmares to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). All-rounder Hardik Pandya who is rumoured to be dating actress Elli Avram was caught flirting with Urvashi Rautela at a party. When the two actresses came face-to-face they had an ugly spat and almost came to blows.

BCCI declined to comment on the issue saying that they do not have any information on it; moreover, they termed the fight as a personal matter of the cricketer. BCCI will not look into the matter unless they obtain any official complaint regarding it.

The entire issue started out at a party when the cricketer met Urvashi. At the party, the two had eyes and ears only for each other and were seen cosying up, they even left the party together. A guest at the part was reported as saying that two had "hit off really well" and that they exchanged "flirtatious looks" throughout the party. Apparently, Elli was in Sweden at the time with her family and was not at the party.


This flirting could not escape the ears of the cricketer’s rumoured girlfriend Avram who was at that point of time not in the country. Recently, the couple came face-to-face with Urvashi at another party and all hell broke loose as the two actresses had an altercation which turned out to be a catfight. The cricketer, seeing that the matter is getting worse escaped from the venue with his brother but the issue was brought to the notice of the BCCI. The cricketer with his alleged girlfriend has been spotted several times around the city as well as at the airport. Elli is known to be close to Salman Khan’s camp.