It will be a long night for Salman Khan in barrack No.2 as 'Qaidi No.106'


Jodhpur Central Jail is no stranger to infamous prisoners. Rape accused Asaram Bapu, murder accused Shambhulal Regar and Malkhan Singh Vishnoi - accused in Bhanwari Devi murder case - are at this moment under trial and lodged in the same jail. However, it takes a Salman Khan to bring the house down.

As the star, convicted today in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case and handed a five-year jail term, walked into its premises, a roar of cheer went up from the hordes. Were they cheering that justice had finally been carried out? Or was it applause for India’s most famous star? By the sound of it, definitely the latter.


It was an emotional moment as the star was asked to remove his bracelet, yes the same blue turquoise gemstone set in silver, which he has worn for years. A gift from his father, he is never seen without it. The star apparently requested the authorities to let the bracelet stay on his wrist. However, rules are rules and a link of the bracelet, which is without a clasp, had to be dented, to slip it off his wrist.

Salman was also frisked by the guards and given his prison uniform set, a far cry from the designer jeans and Being Human tee he was originally sporting. From his leather belt to his high-end shoes, and his favourite bracelet, all his personal effects were deposited in the jail locker.

He then went ahead with the mandatory medical check-up. After the completion of the examination by the medical authorities, he was led to the VVIP section of the jail, which is Barrack No.2. He has became qaidi (prisoner) No. 106 and is incarcerated in the cell next to Asaram Bapu. Around 6 pm he is expected to step out as dinner time is 6.30 pm at the Jodhpur Central Jail.

How many nights he will spend here is anyone’s guess. His lawyers will approach the Rajasthan High Court for bail in the case. A statement from his lawyer Anand Desai informs, “The Hon'ble Sessions Court will hear the appeal for suspension of the sentence/ bail at 10.30 am tomorrow.”

It will be a long night for Salman Khan…And an even longer one for his sister Alvira, his parents and the rest of his family.

Desk: Nichola