Daisy’s day with the ‘Tiger’ off Race 3 sets in Bangkok


Another Bollywood actress shooting in Bangkok might have spent her day off soaking in the sun on one of its gorgeous beaches or catching up on the vibrant street life. But Daisy Shah, who is in the Thai capital with Salman Khan shooting for Race 3, chose to visit Bangkok’s popular Dusuit Zoo instead. The reason being Daisy is an animal lover and Dusuit is an open zoo where it is possible to get closer to the animals than, perhaps, anywhere else in the world.

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The Bollywood actress, looking hot in a tank top, shorts and glares, fed the tiger cubs and exotic birds, petted the deer, dipped a dainty hand in the fish pond, and took pictures of the wild life in captivity. Daisy’s love for furry creatures is known. She has featured in the pet magazineBuddy Life which did a cover story on the actress and the stray dog she adopted and named Kiki. She is also known to have actively supported the Adoptathon 2017, Asia’s biggest adoption camp for strays, hosted by World for All and Save the Helpless Animals of Mumbai.

But the actress, who is reportedly playing the glamorous role in Race 3 that Deepika Padukone turned down, was not joined at the zoo by her macho co-star, Salman ‘Tiger’ Khan. Otherwise, who knows, Daisy might have indulged in more thrilling and adventurous activities at Dusuit Zoo like diving with sharks, wrapping a python around her neck or riding a paddle boat in a crocodile-infested pond. But that kind of excitement for Salman Khan is all part of a day’s work. His love for animals is known to go as far as the horses he keeps at his Panvel farmhouse and the many dogs he’s always had at his Galaxy Apartments residence in Mumbai.

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